Who am I ?

As long as i can be a source of happiness, i wanna be a source that creates happiness in abundance.

My name is Angelo, And i love to inspire people and to motivate them&help them to get the best out of their life.

I love it when people start to shine, instead of that they hide their talents somewhere where people can’t see them. To many times in my life i have seen that being insecure, or scared which is pretty much the same, doesn’t really unlock your full potential. It simply doesn’t get you anywhere. My mission and my goal is to be an inspiring light as long as i can.

I love to let other people shine, and to inspire them. I have a lot of life experience for my age and i think that i can use that experience in a more positive way to help who ever i can. Because i was ever in the situation where it seemed to be totally hopeless, went through different stages in my life. And really learned from them, i broke free from a lot of sadness in my life, and habits that weren’t helping me any further in my life.

One of my qualities, is i think being real. I’m not coming up with any kind of mask and believe in 100% transparency. It’s one of the reasons that i’ll always call myself a work in progress just like any other man. I still have a lot of life goals that i want to achieve, and surly i’m still not there. But i’m working on it to get there! It’s my passion to break a limiting believe in life, and to search for freedom. And to search that freedom, in Life, in thinking and in every way it’s possible. As long as it make’s someone a better person, or as long as it saves the day of someone its good to me.

On my Journey to the Next level of Life.

Further on 100% transparency, I’m a dutch man besides that i love it to travel to asia, I live in the Netherlands, I rent A room in a place called Hilversum. And I’m excited as i see how my Life is moving to the next level. How my mindset is daily inspired, how i learn new lessons, and new options to break with the typical 9 to 5.

I’m not the average person, it’s one of my quality’s to be unique, just being myself because everybody else is already taken.

I love Being Truth Based

So as i told you, i have been through different stages in my life, yes it is true, it hasn’t always been like this. I was not always this happy absolutely not. My life was absolutely not a standard life. I have known rough stages in my life, ending points, the absolute dark side of life where there seemed to be no hope, I have seen worse case scenario’s and i didn’t understand why i was involved. I have known stages of absolute loss and a never ending downward spiral in my life.

Why am i telling you this ? to show you that i also come from far! And i’m shining like i have never shined before, not to be ego minded. But to inspire you! Wherever you are in life, there is always hope, and if i can help you to find a new hope, Or inspire you with my blogs, then you are more then welcome!

more Information is about to come! Stay tuned.

Be Unique, Be one of a Kind, And above else spread your Kindness as long as you ever can.

Let’s build something together

For now! The get in touch button isn’t really working i’m working on that my sorry!

Email me at : Angelolive94@Gmail.com If you want to give me some tips or trics or maybe if we can work together on something great!