An option that’s hopefully worth it~!

Hey I’m glad to have you here again, This blog is about an option that I encounter , I write about this just so that u can check it out if it works for your as well. Shout out to my loving audience who encourages me, I need that especially in these hard times, I’m most grateful

Serving the web and earning at the same time

I encountered a website that maybe has a good earning option, Something that you can grow over time, But it’s called brave browser This blog is a test blog to see if you really like this free browser and it blocks thousands of adds. And beside’s that who doesn’t like it to browse and earn and the same time?

It’s all free don’t worry no hidden fees, the only thing that u have to do is click the link, And just enjoy brave browsing. ( or click the image down below).

This is random encouraging blog posts and than this random post?

Yes my dear loving audience, Sometime’s I love it to share some options that I encounter to build a small supplying income, because I believe that it ain’t bad to have multiple streams of income.

You can earn with this browser through the ads that you are going to see, you only have to connect an uphold wallet. And later on you can change the bath currency that u earn into dollars or euro’s or rupiah’s whatever you have.

So that is the story about brave browser. I’ll show you in the imagine down below a little bit how it looks like, I just recently downloaded this browser, so as you can see my earning are still very low. BUT, I would encourage everybody to see if it works out for you as well.

Because through time your earnings will grow, just surf a lot and grow your earnings with brave!

This is a little bit how it looks

This was my blog about brave browser it’s quit new, But when you are browsing with the brave browser you’ll find out how it works. So this is another option that I encounter, if I’ll find out more opportunities to earn money with this browser I’ll let you know! Stay tuned.

One day you’ll stand at the top of the mountain,And say ”Finally I did it”

The right Mindset And Business.

In my previous blog i encouraged you to renew your mind, to change your way of thinking about yourself, it was personal development related. This blog, is more business related. Let me give you a tour towards the right business, because you are more capable than you think right now so stop to say no.

Tour number 1 towards the right business.

The right business starts with you, so we are going to make it practical. What are your skills?

What is a skill that you can develop? And what is something that you can do without being tired at the end of the day? Got it ? OK! That’s gonna be your business, because it’s gonna be so good, the idea’s will keep on flowing like a waterfall. I know this is somewhat enthusiastic, but i’m totally real with you, it’s one of the reasons that i became a blogger, because i’m good at writing articles.

So where to start if you want to write articles?

Simply use word press to start it’s customer service is great, and it’s themes are awesome! Start using WordPress and click on the button below if blogging is really your thing don’t wait and start today, at really low costs. If you want, and if you are consistent and willing, you can do anything.

If you are willing and consistent believe me, than you can do anything!

Start your business at low costs by using word press, there are so many options to earn, word ads is a get paid per click system the more followers you have the more you can earn, so you can provide content and be rewarded by word press, u can combine it with affiliate marketing, u can combine it with your Advertisement business, you can direct people to your brand or website by using a blog. Or you choose the second option, and start and e commerce with woo commerce, It’s a very good tool when you are into dropshipping by example! Here you can combine your blog and web store, Improvise! If you have a mind full of idea’s than come on and start today!

Write and earn by using word ads!

Do you need someone who writes articles for your website? Hook me up or add me on facebook Angelo Pieters, and we can make an appointment together, i write the articles, and you give me the subject, or theme’s and things that are important.(We can always talk about the price later i’m very flexible) Do you need a motivational coach in your life? Someone who encourage’s you. I’m in!

And one of my talents is, this one : When i hear a word, i write and write and if i’m fully focused without any stress at the back of my mind, than i keep on writing a good article.

I love to inspire those who need inspiration, those who loose their trust in life or in their personality or whatever it might be. And i love to write articles so i combine the two, i wrote earlier about this in solutions and passions. And how great is is to combine passions with business?

Step by step Work out your dreams DONT FEAR.

We continue the tour with number 2

So when you have learned everything from number 1, we can continue with number 2. If you have got your skill and all the ins and outs,

Take the next step and take action, what is needed? What company do you need to call? What person do you need to visit, are their certain kinds of books that you need to read. Because i say you,your mindset, the way you live your life.

Your mindset will set the course of your current business

The things that you give attention, Is it adding to your journey? Is it useful ? Do you need to change the people you meet?

Do you have a certain kind of inspiration, a podcast? Maybe it are the hours on your work, you spend the most time working, and you want to scale your business, or you want to add more to your business. See what step you make but be sure that you take the right one.

Because when you have got your skill and your course! Imagine how fast you can grow because you are building a brand or an idea, that is absolutely your thing. Imagine how your own knowledge your own dreams can bring you a lot of wealth!

The finishing touch

So when you have got all these elements together, than it’s just a matter of time, a right course and the right people, and the right idea. To get there where you want you’ll always need someone who encourages you, or a big inspiration when you can’t find the motivation in your circumstances.

First things first, whether you have a agency your own company, your own article brand. Your business, your skill. Yes ? First things First, Expect big results, think big i agree with that. But take it slow, step by step. And work out your idea’s day by day.

And remember have a big mind, expect to find it in your network, or to find it online. The internet is nowadays full of business idea’s, full of platforms, and believe me google is your best friend. But be sure you search for the right thing. Thing’s that are related to your business plan, don’t just invest somewhere random. Think before you act.

I miss bali! i’ll be back in february^^

I hope that this blog helped you a little bit, to retrain your mind, to give you some direction to your new business, or to a new business idea. Or to lead you to a better version of yourself. Because i see simply people with talents but they are not using it.

And to end this post, ~ Let’s climb the ladder of success together, where we need help let’s help each other, where support is needed, let’s give support.

Leave a comment please! or a like. I love to learn from my followers, because until now i have seen really good comments and educative one’s. I love that because i also need to grow right, and how nice it is, to learn from your audience isn’t it ?

Yes you can!, No is not an option!

Hey there! My amazing dearest followers, I’m most grateful for your comments, and before i introduce you to my next blog, i want to to say that you can freely comment now, back in the days many comments first arrived in my spam folder, very sad, because a lot of your comments were very educative so! from up now you can comment freely on my blog, and i believe that your comment will be visible immediately. Other updates…. I’m very busy but! i still try to work on a subscribe button, but there is already a pop up on my blog or at least when you arrive on my homepage, and from up than you can subscribe, further on you can just email me at or if you have any questions

No is not an option, yes you(I) can it is!

So after a little update i’ll finally introduce you to a new blog! ok Cmon. Welcome to this motivational blog, called No is not an option YES it is!.

I hope you red my previous blog, add blogging to your schedule. This new blog is more a motivational blog, to encourage you with your business or personal life. Also this the next chapter, that perfectly matches with my previous blog add blogging to your schedule.

What is your mindset? What do you say to yourself about your goals? And what are the people around you saying to you?

And how much power or value are you adding to the words said by others or by your own. When we face our goals, and in this case it’s blogging, we must be sure, completely sure of our skills.

Use your skills, what is holding you back?

Not being insecure, believe me like i already wrote in one of my blogs, there are so many people who see the outside world, and are fooled by people with big mansions and so on. So they get a little dissapointed when they are not hitting the 6k in the first month… Yes my dear but all those people also fought for months, or they had a super clear strategy or business plan, or they were just lucky. Everything is possible but i’ll be real with you it requires hard working.

Here we see a man swimming, and trying to win the race!
Your race, is really your race. Not the race of someone else try to be unique

Yes!come on to swim to the other side that requires hard work. Believe me it is just so hard in the beginning as your 9 to 5 job or your 9 till 1 job, or 1 to 4 job. Whatever kind of job you are in, in the beginning it asks consistency. And also a strong spirit in you that says ”cmon ! I can absolutely do this, and whatever everybody is saying i won’t believe them because i’m skilled”.

Dream big, skip the no i can’t scene and you’ll get there.

Use a long term mindset, instead of a short one.

Some people, who have a plan or business or a blog in this case. They really think like this ”so … This was it, my first perfect written articles, and the next month i’ll have 6k on my bank account, oh yes!! this is gonna be the Shizzle for life” And then the next month starts, and all they see is maybe a small 50 or maybe 100. And they are shocked, ”huh how than… i can’t understand”. But believe me once again, to set up a good blog costs months.

Don’t be suprised challenges are also part of the job

Is this a good reason to find something else that earns faster? Well no… And this is the part where i’ll explain the essence of a long term mindset, and the destructive result of a short term mindset. The short term mindset is focused on money now, but that money is also short term. Because ya, count up the costs, your bills, the tax etc. And then what you have really earned is short term.

So .. let’s focus on a long time mindset, blogging is by example something that you can start part time, you can do it beside your current job.

And during the months you’ll eventually create a job replacing income, when you are absolutely sure of a consistent job replacing income. Than, make blogging your full time business.

Do something that you love also, if blogging is not your thing but selling old things, or an e commerce store. Or a fb agency, or starting a company to fix issues.

Call it a name, whatever you do, do something that’s really your thing, and have a plan. Something, like a guideline. Because when you have that you can always fall back on the plan, when you loose your direction a little bit. So create a certain structure in your business.

Let no one or nothing ever cut your dreams, because it were the dreamers who turned dreams into action. And because they had an idea, their idea became reality.

So they dreamed, they did and they conquered! AND SO WILL YOU!!!

My name is Angelo, and i love it to inspire people and to motivate them, i hope that through reading my blogs your mind will be triggered, and maybe you can apply these blogs to your personal life or your business! whatever you are gonna do, your journey starts today!

Add Blogging to you Schedule!

Welcome back! I like to write business blogs, and blogs that are more reffering to personal development. I hope that through reading this blog, first of all you’ll be inspired to add blogging to your schedule!,

Don’t blog because you want to blog, blog because you have inspiration that really ads value, value to your blogs and value to your content and website! Otherwise your audience won’t understand what or where your website is heading to.

~ Believe in your goals, don’t push to hard. And know that the right time is for those who are patience.

Long time no spoken! my great followers, What a challenge to keep your blog up to date when you are so busy!

Here we see Rush hour! This image describes, how busy it can be in our lives sometimes.
We can become so busy,that we forget our goals

Welcome again, to a fresh blog, Business related and personal development related Why? Because it’s something that you can apply to your personal life as well as to your business. Welcome again! to Add Blogging to your Schedule.

Long time no spoken once again, my life got so busy past weeks! That i almost forgot to blog, to keep my website up to date. How important is that? and how can we prevent our blog to transform into a frozen website. That’s something that we don’t want isn’t it? Like i said i have many goals and dreams and i love to fight for my goals, and to never give up. Because true power and wealth you’ll find in perseverance.

You are strong! Yes you are, But if strength is not found in your mindset than what?…..

Some encouraging Tips&Trics for bloggers!

This article is focused for now on people, who are starting to blog. Or they already have a blog up and running, that’s also cool! But today i want to encourage you. First of all, don’t give up, and add it to your schedule.

Your mobile is probably your next best friend right? So write in the app called alarm, DONT FORGET TO BLOG. or something like “”IF YOU HAVE INSPIRATION WRITE IT DOWN TODAY”.

Because that is what you want, if you consistently do this, than eventually you’ll get there. And believe me, just like me. Because of a lot of appointments, busy days, i had a little bit a writers block. No blog but a block, And that’s totally normal ok? Not a worse case scenario, it’s the sign that you need to relax and empty your mind. I’m real with you, take your time.

But anyhow, here are some tips.

  • 1. Immediately when you have got some inspiration, write it down somewhere where u can remember it. Or if you are good at remembering the words you want to write in your blog, than.. Write it down immediately.
  • 2. Write about something you are good at. Really something that inspires you, or something you can just write about at any time. Because otherwise it can become’s quit busy in your mind. So busy that blogging isn’t even doable anymore, don’t do that choose a subject that matches with you the best.
  • 3. Inspire your audience, And share your blog wherever you can. Social media is wide! So let the world hear your voice, and start sharing your blog on social media. From twitter to pinterest, from pinterest to facebook, from facebook to free advertisement. Just check it out.
  • 4. Check how you can earn money with word ads! And check out the options to see how you can make a living from writing blogs! And be patience, because a blogging business simply requires perseverance and patience.
  • 5. Relax and empty your mind, or listen to a podcast. If you really have writers block, don’t write. First clean your mind, set your goal and your plans and than GO.
Before you take action, take action in the right direction, don’t go to fast.

And the last tip! Treat your blog as a business, something that is really your case. Because if you treat your blog as a business, and you’ll try to blog as much as you can. Than you’ll attract the right audience,

oh ya, be open for comments also, comments and critics. If your audience is willing to help you to optimize your blog well than you have at least got that one for completely free!!

My name is Angelo, and i love it to inspire people, and to motivate people to move to the next level of life! These blogs are personal development related and business related. I hope that these blogs will inspire you!

Business and skills combined!

Glad that i have you here, and you have probably red my previous blog, There is Power in listening.

Great! Since i have a lot of positive comments on my blog, i’m very motivated by you guys who supported me, to even write mote blogs! Once again, i love to write blogs, personal development related, and business related.

A team! unstoppable teamwork.
Oh how i love team spirit, one motivates another, and we become unstoppable

Once again! i’m gonna blog about a topic, where i already blogged about a long time ago, and that is business and skills combined, it looks a little bit the same as solutions and passions. Business and passions combined

This blog is business related, but can be used for personal development as well, because who doesn’t want to earn with their skills, or master a skill and earn with it online ?

It’s a great opportunity in today’s online world! Using your skills,and getting paid for your skills. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that something that you want ? Let me tell this first to you, getting paid for your talents asks and requires some motivations from your side also. Presenting your skill without passion,is a dead skil. Think hard business and passions combined is genius. But without passion, without a convincing spirit in you, it’s a silent skill.

Here we see two people who are being led by their passion
What if your passion could lead u in directions you only dreamed of ?

So how do we apply this blog in our life?

You use something where you are really good at, in my case it’s blogging, i simply love to write articles. And i can earn with it! Sounds good right? I’m most of the time inspired to write new articles, and not only that somehow i’m blessed with the will and motivation to continue the battle for my dreams! Which i’m not gonna loose because i believe consistently in my goal!

I have a goal, and a mission. Those things will help to make you move forward in your business, whether you have a e-commerce store. Or you are passionate about selling things online, or whatever you are good at, if you have a goal and a misson, than.. you are unstoppable.

If you have the right mindset, and tell your self day by day that youu can do it, and that you are able( positive affirmations). Than i believe that you can manifest anything that you want in your business!

Here we see a man,who shows us that he is strong and motivated!
no matter what you face, if you have a goal and the will! Than your success is already achieved!

More is coming! i red that business in action part 2, had a lot of positive comments, and i’m on my way writing more articles like that!

Once again, i want to ask you today, What is your passion? What is something that you are really good at ? And what skill is there, that you can turn into income! Think about it make small steps, check out what kind of courses do you need to follow, what steps do you need to take, but don’t be scared to do so! Better to express your talent, and turn it into business, Than to keep it silent.

A lot’s of love again! And remember your journey starts today!

My name is Angelo Pieters and i love to inspire people, personal development, and business related! Enjoy reading my comments, and please leave a comment on my blog.

Or mail me at

To your success! I miss bali, that are just details, but i’ll be back soon haha^^

Business: The Power of listening

Welcome once again, and i’m glad that you are ready to read a new blog about the next chapter were we are heading to the Power of listening.

Don’t you recognize it, we are so in love with our product, that we forget to listen to our customer, we don’t see the advice that he/she has for us. And we keep on talking about our product, and our idea. If this is your case, i know where you at. Look you should be in love with your product, with your idea, with your store or blog.

BUT there is a great power in listening, instead of talking over and over!, with blogging it become’s quit complicated, because my communication with you will be online , But even than i should be a great listener. Because the true power of your business is in listening, and how you respond.

This is a business zone, that means a listeners area, Listen and than start talking!

Besides listening,Questions are the key!

Here we see Question marks, because it guides us to the next chapter! Questions are the key!
if i never ask a question, how do i know my listener than?

So now we are heading to Questions are one of the keys of communication in business, as well as in personal development. Because questions, is the key to more information, and maybe the key to the information where u are aiming for. Maybe it’s an email adres, and not only that but maybe it’s an business appointment. Or simple as that and very important a sales conversation. Or whatever you want, call it a name.

One of the keys is to success is asking questions!

I can endlessly talk,about my blogs. Serious i love blogging, and i love to inspire people, as well as giving people idea’s about the online earning opportunities .

Awesome isn’t it? If there is an option, to grow a side business would you do it? Why aren’t you already growing a side business, because for those who still have a part-time job there are so many option to grow a side business! It depend’s on much efforts you put in your side business to make it a job replacing income, but if you are willing, everything is possible am i right? ( These were some valuable questions)

IF you are willing ,everything is possible. Even when you have no technical experience, and even if you are not good at creating good website’s. There are a a lot of idea’s.

Here are already two idea’s that you can check!

In today’s world there are a lot of earning options this is so amazing, isn’t it? Grow your business or side business , want to know how ? The second idea is especially for writers, and the first is a secret!

This was my short blog!, A lot’s of love from me again and don’t forget your journey starts today !

My name is Angelo, and i love to inspire people! I love to be an inspiration when it comes to personal development and side businesses

Business idea’s and the Efforts

Welcome again! I’m glad that you red my blog business in action part 2, let’s be real first once again. If you come here to check the get rich button and have millions in just 2 seconds. Than, it’s time to go to bed, you have probably had a long day. And it’s just time to rest.

But for those who are serious, and want to put in some efforts, and are searching for idea’s to earn a income by doing online jobs, Welcome!

Let’s get serious about blogging!

Once again the idea’s and it’s efforts.

There are a lot of options out there, and a lot of guru’s who tell you a lot. But a view guru’s are good.

One side business which i am doing now, is blogging it’s a very nice thing to do, and you’ll find out, if you have something which you are passionate about, you can easily write about it!

The idea’s and the efforts,

Combine your passions and your talents, and go blogging! There are so many inspirations out there! And oh man, how i simply love writing, i love to write business articles as well as articles that are more reffering to self help, and personal development! I love to help people to make their life better, and to help them moving towards the right direction!

Combine your passions and talents and make money through blogging, you can easily do it through Their customer service is perfect, and they have a lot of theme’s to give your blog a professional look. Blogging ain’t that expensive they have annual plans for $89 a year. You can go into the more expensive business plans, which are also a good opportunity when your business is more scaling, but until your blog isn’t scaling the premium plan is absolutely amazing!

Business idea’s and it’s efforts

We are gonna talk about something like blogging!, It’s awesome to do especially when you are able to do it full time. But if you still have a part time job, this business is perfect as side business that you can grow to a job replacing income!

Wow that’s cool! I also want to make 10k with blogging, but how? Ok first of all that’s possible if you are consistent, i wrote once a blog called consistency is key. You should read that blog, because if you are willing to achieve your goals you should work on it every day.

Achieve through time,motivation,and efforts

Have a long term mindset also when it come’s to blogging, i believe in wonders, sure u can earn in 3 months or 4 months. It’s all up to you and how much time and efforts you are willing to put into your blog, because some people easily give up.

They are blogging for one month, and than they stop simply because they don’t have any kind of perseverance in them. It’s a lack in motivation, not only that most people think that money on the internet just come’s by one click on the button…. huh?

Everything is possible&The steps

Choose a nice which you are passionate about, it writes easy and you can create so much content about something you are passionate about. Maybe you are on your way home, when you are finished with you job. And than suddenly while you are cycling you have inspiration for your niche! Okay! amazing write that in your notes, and blog about it.

A niche in blogging is simply the subject of your blogs and where your business will be focused on.

Write consistently, life can be very busy i admit, there a lot of distractions in life. But you should really add blogging to your schedule, try to do it while you are still eating breakfast, or a lunch, or maybe suddenly you have a break more than a hour, those are moments that you can edit your blog, or that you can write a new blog!

Monetize your blogs, and make your earning potential bigger.

Research the options, make your plans and start!

Check what the options are out their on the market, maybe you simply love it to write and blog about amazon products? Than sell those products and combine it with blogging to make more customers. Make a business account follow the steps, and start blogging and selling.

Are you offering self helping courses? or do you have a skill that everyone needs to master? Than sell motivational courses, or learn skills to people on your blog!

Make a product yourself, and find out what you absolutely love to sell, and be the best salesman through your blogs!

The market is big focus on your audience first.

First focus, on things like traffic. You can follow the other steps later, but important is that by example what i am doing here, i provide value at no costs. You can read it for free, and maybe it triggers you to start your online business, or maybe it inspires you. And that’s where your business will start, because a blog without people is an empty blog.

Share your blog as many time’s as you can, if you can afford it try paid traffic options, like FB, or youtube ads. Or if you already have many savings you can even try solo ads.

I would recommend udmi solo ads I’m very happy with the people that write ads on this website. Basically what they do, they send traffic to your blog, and they write the email’s. So it’s easily done for you, and you’ll be sure that your traffic has good quality. Just search for the page solo deals, and check what they can do for you! Also if you sign up via this link you’ll get a 5 dollar discount on your first order, basically what they do is they send your service/offer/link to their email list and people’ll get to know your product or service better, and you’ll get a lot of extra traffic ofcourse!.

Lot’s of love again to your success!

I hope that i inspired you to start a blog, or think about blogging because it has a big earning potential, when you consistently work on it! ^^

Do you have any questions? Or do you just want to drop something, or maybe you even want to inspire me, or you have some business idea’s?? GOOD. Email me at:

Business in Action part 2

Welcome back! We cross over from previous blog, to my next blog Business in action part 2. This one is really about something that grabs my attention. It’s totally business related, and a little mindset training related.

People that think that overnight success exists and the get rich button is everywhere on the internet?!

Sorry for this somewhat funny start, but i have seen those people….

I want to write about this one, to inform you something and to be real with you. We see people in big mansions, and it seems that they have made millions overnight. And somehow we get inspired and we want that to!

Don’t get me wrong, there is a big earning potential in the online market. The online market gives us the opportunity yes to achieve our goals like financial independence. And these goals! Oh man, i love people who are done with their standard 9 to 5 live, and get motivated to escape the grind.

Come on, be real and see, open your eyes and admit that it costs efforts ok ?

Let’s be real, people that live in these mansions, you don’t know their story. Also you don’t know how real it is, or how fake it can be.

Don’t be deceived by a list of numbers, because maybe they show you i earned 5000 dollar in one month, but… that is a income without taxes included.

Yaa… And that attracts you ofcourse! And right on my dear followers, you should feel attracted to people who inspire you right on.

But hey… don’t be deceived, Numbers don’t lie that is true. But don’t be so easily fooled by big mansions and cars in a ytube video’s

It costs efforts, commitment hard working. And by the time that your business grows you can grow it on autopilot, you can already start with paid traffic like fb ads or google adsense, it’s a good way to start with a low budget and see how things turn out.

Live in this mansion with one month and get paid a million in one month said no one ever!

Just invest in small steps, that’s wise. Don’t think oh i’m gonna invest 1000 dollar and i’ll get millions of dollar’s back. No because if your advertisements are a good as your failed school test, than your dollars are now spilled, and how are you gonna earn that back?

You don’ want this to happen don’t you ?

The efforts and the time that it costs.

Let’s be honest, consistency is key in business. You have got a plan, you should commit yourself on a regularly basic. Consistent, every day, or if you don’t have time every 2 days.

Or by example, write a short post letting your audience know that more is about to come!

Business! Step One, What are you gonna Optimize today?

Priorities that’s also key, if you have got a serious plan, than treat it as a business, don’t believe in overnight success. Believe in success coming your way by being consistent. Set your priorities also, what are you gonna do?Choose eating ice cream outside over writing blogs and doing you seo?

That is not the road to success, but to a big delay of your next plane.

Don’t get me wrong find some time to relax with your friends also, and go outside do your thing. But don’t be distracted from your goals and write your blog, update your website. Send out a letter for that special career that you are searching. Whatever you are about to do, do it.

Step by steps investments in your business is smart

So like i said, some people flush thousands of dollars, because of the mindset. ”My button is the magic button to millions of dollar” And than….. Flushed… no sales…. what now?.

You don’t want to make this mistake, so if you want to smile during the day, instead of crying over and over again. Start with small investments, it’s not bad to do your first try out, make sure u write an eye catching text!

Imagine even that you are the customer of your own store or the reader of your own blog. And when people visit your blog or website, what do they see? Is it love at first sight ? or is it somewhat complicated ? or are there things that should be optimized ?

So you write that down as a reminder and start to apply!

Also think about something you are good at, i’m good at writing, and so i’m good at talking. I love to write some good content, and to write whenever i’m inspired.

Give me a word, a subject. And i’ll deliver the best content ever!

My enthusiasm and motivation for things in life are one of my qualities. And that thing in me called perseverance, somehow i never give up. I have known my hard time’s but also learned from those time’s and using those lessons to make the world a better place.

At the same time, i just love to motivate people, and to inspire them.

Step by step the road to success, the mindset you train to attract your success will become your lifestyle!

Adapt the right mindset, and your life will change, my name is Angelo and i simply love to inspire people, and motivate, and to trigger your mindset to find success no matter what!

Much love again!

My name is Angelo, and i love to inspire you and to motivate you!


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Keep running! And search.

Welcome back! you probably have red my blog, Beat the day or it will beat you. Today a blog again that you can use for business purposes or u can use this one for personal development.

Finally i was also able to read some comments it’s sad that these things end up in my spam folder, But luckily i can approve them there to become visible on my blog, Thankful for the encouraging people, I hope that i’m motivating you with my blogs

What kind of decision do we make, Giving up, or to keep strong?

Why do we so easily give up?

We are heading toward’s our goal, with a steadfast mindset. We have something in our mind’s that we want to achieve. And then we start working it out, we are really making it happen.

And then something that surprise’s us in our life causes us to stumble.

We easily give up while we just learned how to run, we give up because we don’t see fast results. We give up because it our store,business,relationship, or whatever you name it didn’t earn that much as you expected, or it didn’t come to you the way that you would expect it.

And than… slowly everything that we had planned fades into nothing, and everything turns back to normal. Plans were just plans, and words were just mere words. WOW?! really? is that gonna be you, or are you gonna chase after success no matter what?

I chose strong over giving up, and being more like a storm chaser!

Learn from storm chasers

Storm chasers, consistently search for adventure where there is a storm.

Say what… This is gonna be a weird blog, or not? This is simply again personal development, and business related. Because.. Acknowledge it or not, but we are sometimes more the ”storm avoid people” than… The ”storm chasers”. So there is absolute an obstacle in your way, something that needs to be done, but you see it as a big stone on your plate. You are absolutely like this ”is to much, i can’t handle this”, now this blog is almost a little bit the same as our limited believe stops us. and the same as turn your i can‘t into i can.

But I want to emphasize the phrase Turn your i can’t into your i can. So what has this to do with storm chasers than? Well everything, have you ever seen those people on TV? when there is a tornado , or a whirlwind, or whatever. They are chasing after the storm. And oh wow! What a mindset, what a big lesson we can learn from these people.

A Storm.. Honesty? if you see this you would rather stay at home right?

to face the storm, is to win, to avoid the storm is loosing the battle.

Digitalnomadonfire created to be free

So Wow! These guys instead of staying at home, these guys jump in their car, and they chase the storm. I’ll translate this to business and personal development related. We guys should go our there jump in our car/cycle/motor/plan, And make it happen. It’s a big storm that obstacle that you need to conquer oh yes…

But there is a winner in you, and if you don’t believe that, or it has been said to you that you are a looser, you are not! You just have a different manner of doing things in life, or you just have a slower learning curve or other work ethics.

The Tornado and you are in one show

So once again to continue about these storm chasers, they are going next level, and we can maybe learn something from them. Not only do they go their with a special storm chasers car, no it’s next level, they record it with camera…. yes .. So this is the same with you and your life or business, You and the tornado are probably in one show, and what you are going to do today is make it happen, video camera, or whatever is needed, a list. It doesn’t matter, write your goals on paper, or film it. Go to that company, go to that freelance option, start your online business, start make it happen. Because you had an idea in mind, it’s something that is absolutely gonna kill the storm

The problem? you don’t believe in it, or it’s a lack of consistency, or it is something else. Whatever it is, it is something that you need to face, and you can better do that today instead of tomorrow. Take slow steps in the right direction!

A lot’s of love again, This was a short blog to trigger your mind to the right direction, my name is Angelo and i love to motivate people. Once again more is coming! And don’t forget your journey starts today here now right away 😉

Stay Tuned, New posts are about to be released, every time that i have inspiration, i’ll post it and share it because sharing is caring!

Beat the DAY or it will beat you

We are gonna join the winner’s side isn’t it ?

Welcome welcome my wonderful followers, Once again i know for sure that each of you coming here, passing by this blog and reading it have a massive amount of talents, that he or she should release yes!

I’m glad that you are back, and this blog is a perfect start for when you are about to face a difficult day, a day full of challenges or maybe a wonderful day! Again a piece of personal development and coaching!

Welcome in my blog You v.s The Day where we are gonna dive into Beat the Day or its gonna beat you.

Be the water that breaks the fire, be the fire fueled with oil to break the water!

It matters how you start your day and your routine also!

So often i hear that people say about a typical kind of thing, it seems always to be an good excuse to make it a bad day, do you recognize this? this is what i always here in the store where i’m working part time. ”Oh yes it’s Monday,” ”Probably It’s morning so that the reason”. And don’t get me wrong sometimes you can simply have a bad day. But how it’s all about beating the day and how you do that. and maybe i can give u a few tips and Tricks, in how to do that.

The day’ll beat you if you don’t beat the day

~Digital nomad on fire

The start of your day and your thoughts.

So we wake up, and the first thing what happens, is the machine goes on, and for you i hope that the machine called ”thoughts” brings you some good things. But in most cases we just mess it up in our brains.

We tell ourselves ”oh no another day it’s gonna be this and that” and we add all kind of words to our day, than….when we so strong believe in it it’s gonna happen. Done… The day just won, ”haha! You are stressed i have you” So what to do next ? Words+affirmations+apply=VICTORY

The words you proclaim over your day and qualities will become your reality.
This is very true, so my advice would be this, start your day with positive affirmations! Apply and start immediately,and believe me maybe the first time you’ll feel like this, oh no … what am i doing…. i don’t believe this , but in time by repeating this every day, you are gonna live by it, and then you’ll do things that are more aligned with your passions and your dreams.

Believe me i’m also still in the process but i see progress, i still face my battles also but i’m fighting and not giving up and keeping my feet on the ground!

So… Step out of your comfort zone, or your standard thinking zone and affirm with me

  • I’m capable
  • I can achieve more than i think right now.
  • I am unique and i can turn my passions into power
  • Nothing and nobody can stop me from achieving my goals
  • I’m already there, and i got this!
  • I am Good enough, I am loved, I am wanted
  • I am worth of this life, and i can rule the day
  • I am victorious and my dreams will become reality
  • I am who i am, and i am talented to do where i’m good in and even more!
All the ”I am’s” have you already added one of them to your life?

So !! Let me know how does that feel? How does that feel to do this for the very first time to do this. Maybe it felt comfortable, maybe you are slowly accepting these words. Or it is your first time doing these positive affirmations because words are powerful.

What you affirm over yourself will become your reality, And that is sometimes a heart opening mind blowing thing to realise. Sometime’s it brings you to the question, like, Am i living the life that i wan’t to live ? Am i really living in my value? Am i already ”Shining in my value”. Maybe not well… If not.. Maybe it’s time to make a first step forward. And to make it happen, easier said that done. But it requires practise, just like i am doing i blog, ”entrepreurning” here and there online, researching and taking steps. Beside’s that to earn a living i have a part time job, But that part time job gives me the opportunity to meet people who are swimming towards the same direction as i do!

Please ^^ Sharing is caring , so if you can brighten someone’s day just do it! And who knows? It brings you to the next step!

To share is to care! If you can brighten one persons day, it becomes a circle!

Maybe you know someone is a kind of uncertain, someone who is struggling through life, and they can’t find their way through the mess. Than if you have the power and the possibilities within you, stretch out that helping hand. And maybe you can affirm this with somebody together, Or you write this on a piece of paper and you pass it on to someone who need’s it.

And when somebody is like, ”Uhm hey…. what are we doing here”. than you explain them we are doing positive affirmations here..

If you start to apply this in your life, many things will slowly change, and the negatif mindset that you have, or the limiting mindset, will slowly fade away, so you can reach your goals even more fast than you expected!

Break free from that typical standard mindset, or a negative mindset! Break It today!

Lot’s of love again, My name is Angelo i love to motivate people and to inspire them and help them, reach out if you need a helping hand! Email me let me know where you need some help with, and i’ll try to do my best to be a listening ear, or a person that can give u some good life advice! I’m also still on the road to success, so also i face obstacles and i learn from them, we are work in progress, so there is nobody who is perfect. We all have our own issues, and working together can help to fix those issues. When i’m available i hope to share some light with you.

Or you can just read my blogs and be satisfied with that one

Lot’s of love from my side, and remember your journey starts today!

Love who you are, love your skills ,love how you are meant to be,