Business in Action part 2

Welcome back! We cross over from previous blog, to my next blog Business in action part 2. This one is really about something that grabs my attention. It’s totally business related, and a little mindset training related. People that think that overnight success exists and the get rich button is everywhere on the internet?! I […]

Your current situation is not your destination. Keep strong!

Welcome my dear followers, I’m glad that you are back, and you have probably red my previous blog, keep running and search. I’m glad that you are back because this is a blog to trigger your mind to think positive! The current is now, and the past is gone. Digital nomad on fire created to […]

Keep running! And search.

Welcome back! you probably have red my blog, Beat the day or it will beat you. Today a blog again that you can use for business purposes or u can use this one for personal development. Finally i was also able to read some comments it’s sad that these things end up in my spam […]