Ignore the I can’t,turn it into I can!

I decided to write an encouraging motivating blog post again mixed with something of my own life experience I’ll show you how I apply it in a situation that’s pretty recent for me. I love transparency so I also want to share something with you from my personal life. Distance yourself from toxicity You know […]

A message to all my dear followers, plus a little blog

Hey there! I’m glad to have you here, i just wanted to write this post to let you know that my blog is still alive, but due to some private situations and because of the covid 19, It’s been quit a challenge, but let me nevertheless write an encouraging messaging for you. First things first, […]

The I can Mindset matters!

Welcome my dear blog followers , I love to read your encouraging comments, I believe when we make a circle with people, that encourage each other daily we can make the difference in our lives, And that’s absolutely amazing, keep up the good comments vogues! And let’s move on to the ”I can Mindset” matters!. […]

Flourish in your niche part 2 and A small promotion

Welcome dear blog followers, i love to share something in my enthusiasm, as you have red in my previous blog, flourish in your niche, i’ll introduce you to a part of flourish in your niche part 2. Welcome in a fresh new blog, and i hope that i can help you a little bit moving […]

Our own No is our struggle.

Welcome followers, it’s great to have you again, due to private issues i didn’t blog for a long time. But i’m kinda back on track, and learned through the struggles, and because of these struggles i can offer you a lesson. This is a new article that is more personal development related, i like to […]

Yes you can!, No is not an option!

Hey there! My amazing dearest followers, I’m most grateful for your comments, and before i introduce you to my next blog, i want to to say that you can freely comment now, back in the days many comments first arrived in my spam folder, very sad, because a lot of your comments were very educative […]

Add Blogging to you Schedule!

Welcome back! I like to write business blogs, and blogs that are more reffering to personal development. I hope that through reading this blog, first of all you’ll be inspired to add blogging to your schedule!, Don’t blog because you want to blog, blog because you have inspiration that really ads value, value to your […]