Time V.S Money

Hey there! I’m glad that you guys are back again, I have been thinking about something that has been bothering me. I was reading a quote and it said; There is always a way to make money but u can never earn time back. And that made me think…Describes time versus moneyThe most interesting thing is to find time combined with finances.

The great question is how to find an opportunity like that?

I have been thinking about this lately, and the answer is how to find both enough time and the finances for it. And that is to educate yourself, at least that is what I try to do.

Because I begin to ask myself; at the end of my life, Do I want to think; I wish I had done this and that also and this. Or do I want to say whatever is coming next I am ready I lived life to the fullest.

And living life to the fullest or at last living the life that u imagine is something where u need to think about. Because right now I am also a work in progress. Because I am definitely still not where I want to be… I am in the freaking Netherlands, sorry for that guys haha…..

. I love this country but sorry I want to travel to Indonesia to live a life there with my fiancé

Steps to get ahead step by step

There is always a step one needed to get ahead, and this sounds very simple. The time that you have to use it to educate yourself. So step one I just share some examples with you guys and it sounds weird but, step one search on youtube one of these.

Make money with writing, how to make money through selling digital products.

These things you do by example after your coffee instead of Netflix( i also watch sometimes but not that much)

I invite you also to install a Binance app on your mobile and to visit the website. Make an account through my link and educate yourself about the trading market, through an account on binance you can learn how to trade with the free binance academy

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And please remember a few things,

  • Life is not better at the other side
  • Everything is possible
  • Being rich begins with yourself
  • Use wealth for the good in this world
Thanks for reading once again!

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First of all I am back! Welcome welcome welcome! I decided that it ain’t no option to give up I invested in a business theme and I’m back again. Through time I might maybe change the layout of the website. Post new content, Business Related personal development related. Things about how I think about certain kind of things in life.

I decide to write about the other side of an online business or an online web blog, Not to demotivate you. But to tell you where you need to think about before you start something like that.

First of all, know your spot, Know where you are good at for me personally I am a good writer. So it is one of the main reason that I like blogging. But I am gonna be honest with you. Blogging is something for the long term.

You can make money with blogging of course you can but you need to know that there are expenses. You need to have the right theme, and you need to have a good website layout. Because a website is a door to your company or business.

But alright I admit it can be challenging sometimes when you have invested but you don’t see anything coming back. Those are moments that you really need to say to yourself no come on! It is hard invested money in a new business theme. I invested in a good layout and so on. And alright nothing is coming back …. no ROI.

Has anyone told you about those kind of things?

The things they don’t show you

I don’t know about you, But I think we are all a little bit searching for the golden key right? Where can we find financial freedom. And how fast will it go. And a lot of people hope to find the get rich overnight option. Right?

What is your idea of being rich is that having a trillions or just 3000 euro per month?

And it not bad to be so motivated to search for this option. But there is no such thing that can make you a millionaire overnight. Maybe it’ll bring you there over time. Because it

takes time.

Don’t rush but take your time, but take action.

Don’t rush also, one of the things that I slowly start to learn is to rush is to flush. You rush things you do everything so fast. But it; ll go so fast that in the end the same way you started it, is also the same way it’ll go down again.

But,, Don’t also go to slow like step by step and in about two or three years it’s finally taking off. Not like that vogues.

But check from month to month. Is it possible this month to invest in your website? Do it! You won’t regret that.


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It’s worth it to train your mind

Welcome back again! I’m ( like always) glad to have you here and want to add some pre thanks to everyone who is taking the effort the read this blog post and beside’s that enjoy the read!

Every day is a new step to victory

So!! You are here again, I like it! Let’s dive into a fresh new post where we are gonna talk about how you can profit from a good and wealthy mindset. It’s a day by day process. But I hope to give u some tools so you can easily train your mind .

Step 1 – Create a positive affirmations schedule where you write down some phrases that are gonna help you to get through the day. And to train you mindset and to make you conscious of the fact how many things there are actually possible. A few examples you can write down are

  • Everything is possible, I’ll never give up
  • The winner inside of me is better than the problems in front of me
  • I’m gonna think in solutions and I will do everything to find the solution
  • I won’t rest until my mission is accomplished
  • Every negative word spoken about me is not true I am a winner and that is it
  • I am able and not meant to be pressured My motivation is un endless.
An example to remind yourself of the fact that it’s ok to Dream!

Step 2 repeat it consistently and see it

These tips that i wrote down for you, you should repeat that consistently and see it. Because if you’ll repeat it’ll suddenly start to manifest in your own life, and that is what is going to make it interesting.

If you never have a shield against the darkness of this world, It’ll mold you into something or someone you don’t want to be


Because you need to know your own value, it’s so important in a world where everything is already decided for you. Really today’s world is already planned school work and boom…. And if you fail people’s expectation’s they turn their backs to you.

So it is so important that your identity is strong and well fixed. So repeat this and know that you are valuable. Stay tuned I’ll soon come with valuable information !

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Adding Value is important!

Hey there! after reading a lot of comments, I decided to write a new blog post about the issue add value and it’ll come back to you, a blog where I want to open your eyes and let you realise your self worth , and hopefully this young man of 25 years old that wants to make his move to bali can create a better world with his blog posts

For the person you teach a lesson,

We can send wisdom and receive wisdom, we can teach a lesson and receive value. The value you receive lies in the momentum that you share your knowledge with the person in matter. And the value will live on because that what you share, will be multiplied.

And that is the reason dear reader why you should never underestimate the power of sharing your value.

So what kind of value you carry and what can you add to a person? Take a look around you and see what you can add.

And never underestimate that what’s already been given to you. Think about this for a second.

Endless opporunities

What are your talents and where are u good at?

What is the value that you can provide in your business or company, and what can u take to the next level. It’s always good to expand your talents and your knowledge. And explore new opportunities.

Why I write about this? Because as you know or maybe don’t know, I want to set my final course to bali to marry there with my fiancé. So I know what challenges are, and I know what it is to be committed to something ,that definitely costs a lot of energy and time.

Commitment will be rewarded

Finally I want to add some lasts words to this post, The road of commitment can be sometimes a lonely road. In my life just a hand or one finger full of people understand what I’m doing. The rest is not supportive at all. So yes most of the things I’m doing that all alone.

But I know the day that I have reached my goal I will smile and shout: What?! I can never do that? It’ll never work! See me standing on the mountain. So whatever you do it with passion.

Financial support

If you want to support me during these time’s, I’m fine with everything that you give from your heart. Every gift that you gift is a support for the journey in bali.



Hey there! This is going to be a short post! But I want to bring it to the attention again. I have created a facebook group for motivational thoughts and if you want to share business idea’s. Or traffic sources! The name of this group is followers of digitalnomadonfore.blog

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Changes cause turbulence

Yes dear people here I am back again, with a fresh new blog about, Changes cause turbulence. I want to dive into this blog that is more personal development related. I hope to make some difference into your life.

Why are we sometimes so scared for change?

Do you feel it? The tension in your mind if you are about to make a big decision, or maybe a career switch. And that is where the out of the comfortzoné starts. And I also feel you there…

Take it step by step to the right direction!

Because I know for taking the step to make blogging or online business to the next level, there has to come a day that I am going full time. A path full of challenges! Yes logic.(I’m also very real with you, Consider first being financial stable before taking any action, don’t ever commit yourself to something that you can ‘t afford. Nevertheless I believe in talent and possibilities! So affirm and do!)

Because yes I do believe that the real steps happen out of the comfort zone. But do it in steps first start working less, so you can have time to work on your online business.

Next step you start to check for a method that fits to you that can be anything from virtual assistant to blogger to content writer to webs designer to, online affiliate marketeer. Google is in this one your best friend,

Because since a very short time I’m also following a course and the course gave me insights in that I should (what i also mentioned before) turn my passions into income.

Have goals and plan it smart!

Start working step by step towards your goal, it’s important that you remember everyday yes even in these hard time’s, where you want to be.

Try to see in opportunities instead of problems

I’ll give u an example,I change my schedule so that I can work on my blog and use the internet as a platform to find get paid to write options! Or to expand my blogs, the opportunities are endless.

So what is your passion and how big is your believe in what you do?

Think about a skill that u already own, That skill is probably your passion something that is not a punishment to do every day, And try to turn that into income. It’s a challenge and no it will not always be easy, but if you believe in the skill that you already own, believe me a world of opportunities lie ahead of you!

This was my short blog again, I see that business in action is a favorite article, I’m planning to write more articles related to business also, to give maybe some tips and trics related to how u can grow your business with free traffic.

Also if my camera is working, I’ll try to make a kind of video in the future and show you how I always prepare a blog.

What is your dream?

A message for my Audience.

Hey there! I’m glad that you are reading again, I’m reading through the comments and I still feel very blessed with such an amazing audience!

I once again want to thank u for all the support that I see here on my website, It’s a motivator to keep on writing, I see a lot of comments everywhere on personal development blog posts like: Add value and it’ll come back to you as well as on business blog posts like : business in action part 2. Also I want to let you know once again that I’m reading through all of your comments.

I am doing my very best to reply all your comments!

So I thought for the inspiration to write the next blog post I want to ask my encouraging audience to vote. Because the best come’s from the audience! So in the search of inspiration I’m just curious what kind of blog posts would you like to see on this website?

Personally I like to share anything that pops up in my mind these are things that are more personal development related, business or earning options related. Because just like you I am doing my best to get closer to my goal.

So let’s vote!

Let me know!


How do you write good content?

Hey there! I’m glad to have you here again, It’s super motivating to see your comments, Especially in this time. I believe that we need to motivate each other in this weird time, so that we spread the positive vibe of reaching our goals our dream life.

Good content begins with something that’s of you, your niche, your idea. It’s always good before you begin to write your content that you have a good idea of how your content is gonna look like. Write a few words that are aligned with the topic, So what I do personal development, Motivating. Idea: ”A blog that gives some tips on people how to write good content”.

What’s gonna be your story?

Am I going to write content that’s focused on struggles? Or what solution is found in your content. You write your content and somewhere in the whole story people find solutions. Or you are write interesting content to promote a certain kind of product. Or you write to share something of your life.

Next what i do and that’s what you can also see in my articles i try to add some images that really connect with the text that I write. Or it adds something that’s adding value to the content that you write. Or it’s giving a little bit color to the article that’s also possible.

Your article is a journey

Your article is a journey it starts with an introduction and it’s heads slowly to the topic, in the middle it’s a bridge and at the end you want to make sure that people leave with the idea ”That was pretty interesting I’m coming back” ” That was unique I’m gonna share it”.

Your content is a Journey and at the end of the bridge there is value

Don’t write to write

Yes, this sounds a little bit weird i know, but don’t write to write. Because that takes a lot of energy, It’s more writing to write, so you are actually gathering a lot of words, and for what? Does it have a purpose? So write when you are about to add something interesting, or something that’s your thing, by example something new about your brand, you can do all kind of things.

If you know the why you know the how, And if you know the how……

It’s true when you begin to write your content that you need to begin the why, Why for who. Begin with a couple of words, Write it down on paper and start to connect some words. Let’s do an example, connect words.

The example of a first set up to write your content

Let’s do an example you are about to write content about the health niche, What’s the first thing that you have in mind when you are writing content about the health niche.

  • Healthy food
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Healthy sports
  • Healthy body
  • Type’s of healthy foods
  • How to change your lifestyle
  • What kind of sports can you do
  • How does a healthy body look like
  • Images related to the content

And so forth, When you have these kind of things written down on paper, you can start to make an article. Because now you have found out the How, and the why is gonna be, because you are ( by example) good in writing content about the health niche, and it adds value to people, who are struggling to get this right.

They have probably done it before, but they are still searching for a solution which they are gonna find in your content.

Then next you are gonna use a website to add images, a lot of free images you can always get from pixabay I always use it for my blogs.

Beside’s that there are a lot of other websites that offer free images to use for your website. And use it the right way, this is a little bit trying to see what fits in the text you write. A good example won’t be don’t use a fat hamburger when you are writing about healthy food. That’s it for now! More posts are on their way.

And once again I’m gonna write it don’t give up in the process called growth, Serious it’s maybe difficult if you are seeing little results in the beginning but trust in what you are doing, and long term it’ll be rewarded. I’m sure that in each of you hides a super hero, to your success!

Small investments make sense

Hey there! I’m glad to have you here, once again I want to shout out to a great encouraging audience, I read your comments and I want to add that you don’t go unnoticed, I believe that encouraging each other and add positive comments that it helps in this time of emergencies going on, and a variety of difficult situations.

A word of encouragement

We are heading on today to a article that’s all about small investments make sense first of all I would like to start with a word of encouragement, In these times, things might be a kind of uncertain. Or maybe you are struggling inside of your mind or you are getting discouraged by the people around you.

This can lead sometimes to giving up, it is what happens when we begin to believe in what people say about us, we are pushed into their negativity. And we believe again in the words where we came from, from the first very beginning ”aa yes see… it is true it’s never gonna work out” ”oh no I’m indeed a ….”.

Stop believing those!!!! Whatever people say about you, they look up to you. They never thought about the plan you are planning, or they might be jealous because you are so passionate. You have something that they don’t have, so they need you in order to be happy. Because if people drive you nuts, they want you to be low. So that you cant be seen anymore, and so that they can be seen instead of you. From up today, Stop believing everything that is totally not related to you.

Ask yourself, is this true? Does it add value to me? Is it really something I do? If you can answer no on all these questions. You are already set and you can continue your business. Don’t let anybody turn you to the point of self doubt if you are on the road to achieve your dreams. That’s my word of encouragement for you!

To your success!

Small investments work!

Sometimes we might not be in the position to big investments, and we might think like ”How am i ever gonna make it without the big investments” ”How can this work because…” Think in solutions today we are gonna leave the word because. I mean the because in a negative way, we are gonna turn it into something that might work.

Great how is my small investment going to make a change?

In the previous post i already tried to add some value, by explaining the concept of boosting a post. By as little as 4 dollars and you would think, that doesn’t make any sense at all. But it does make sense when by example I’m gonna show you what I mean by using an example of my own facebook page..

After u have set up your page, u can choose to boost a post, I share my blogs on my page so example one, I want to share my last blog post than is this a little bit what I do.

Step 1. My last post well from the fb free traffic that i have i have two readers wooohoo, yippiee. But it it’s not the amount of traffic i want, I want more people to see it, but I only have some small investments. What are the steps that I’m going to take?

Select the option boost your post.

Step 2. Click on boost post and select the option send people to your website

Select this option ( sidenote u must have a paypal account that’s attached to your facebook)

Step 3, Create a page button and give it a name that attracts attention, So that your audience knows the right direction to your website, For now you select the option sign up. Later u can change it into something like ”’Be welcome” ”Be my guest” ” or something u like.

Click on the option Sign up later u can change this button.

Step 4. You can if you want select the special ad category, But this is more for when you are into real estate, or loans, or if you are offering people a job. So we are skipping this option, We are immediately heading to the audience that you are going to target. My blogs are written in English so maybe I want people from the U.S to see my blog. But maybe I also like to show it to people in Australia. I’ll guide you again.

Click on edit next to the people you choose through targeting button.

Select the edit option

Type in the Location bar the countries that can see your post so u want to show your post to people in the United States? U type in united states, and other countries you prefer.

Type in the country where u want to show your post.

When you have followed Step 4, Where you can type in the countries u like to show your post to. And than finally we are at step 5 of making a low budget advertising. And why this is making sense, You are going to set your add spend on 4 dollars in my case euro’s. And what’s the effect of this that your post is at least gonna be seen by 190 to 560 people per day, What if let’s say 4×560=2240 people see your post and visit your website?. Than in 4 days you have attracted 2240 people with just 4 dollars/euro’s. I’ll show you

so the first step you can take is to make this complete and see for the first 4 days how it’ll work for you^^

So this was actually a free mini course to show you what the possibilities are with social media, it doesn’t always have to be king size to be perfect. It’s by the way right that u see there displayurl.com because this is ofcourse an example post. Later this will automatically change that to the url that’s of course your website.

Ok I hope that you found this post informative and that it added value! Let me know in the comments what you are thinking about these kind of posts! That’s it for now more posts are on the way, I’ll try to deliver the best quality content that I can!

a small donation

If you want to drop a donation feel free


Writing with Value

Hey there audience I’m glad to have you here again we are still living in a tensed time, but in the middle of this tensed time, Let’s use the time that we have with effect, learning and researching things that bring us closer to our goals

Again and this one is especially very important to say is that your comments don’t go unnoticed I see many people who appreciate the content on this website, and that’s all a big encouragement, I admit I had also some things on my plate, But in the time that we have we should continue to chase our goals isn’t it?

The art of writing and what is of value?

Yes we dive into a post where it’s all about some tips and trics for the content you make, to let it a little bit shine, because the content on your website that is the colour of your online business.

Whatever your doing you are trying to grow a blog to grow passive income, you have an affiliate marketing site to grow passive income you dropship, you have a facebook ads marketing agency, Whatever it is everything what you are doing to create or trying to create passive income that is business.

So the content you make is most of all the first impression that your audience get’s from your online business. And it can be a real big challenge sometime’s isn’t it? Is it the right content? What am I gonna write? And what is the passion that drives me to write.

What is value?

I woud say that anything you write adds value, But content with value can be Educative content, Encouraging content, Advertorial content. It can be anything. Whatever the content is that you are about to write deliver the best quality!

Deliver the best you can do!

But how do you deliver the best content?

First of all i would advice you to write content that fits in your niche, and is a match with your talent.

Because if you don’t create content where you are really good at, than you create yourself just a second job, and you don’t want that. Next thing that I would really advice is to download a grammar check/Text check.

Check Check double check

What’s also important when you write content?

One of the most important things is I think work in your best niche, Because as i mentioned before, if you create another job by writing content that you actually don’t like but hey it makes money so ya why not writing it and it becomes really hard for you, believe me that isn’t freedom. Or let’s say it isn’t a road to freedom.

So what’s your niche that niche that your really passionate about, are you more a kind of travel blogger, or a you more a kind of promotion blogger, by writing about the products you offer or are more a motivational bloggers, or tips and trics for business related things.

And once again to repeat it….

It’s important that you write something that you are passionate about otherwise once again as i mentioned you’ll find yourself having a second job. I’ll give u an example I like it t write articles about personal development and business related things because I think that it adds value.

Right keywords, can also help to let your blog grow^^ Google is your best friend.

And somehow it’s pretty educative and beside’s that I write that what pops up in my mind sometime’s it seems that it attracts a lot of people. I don’t know what that is people like to read it somehow, and I think that i’m pretty blessed with the audience that I have, Shout out to you guys, because i read all your comments and it’s really encouraging thank u ^^

And remember we are in a process, maybe not success overnight but long term success is I think the best thing to work on, It’s not easy I admit, even I myself face challenges, oh yes I do, But every time I think, It’s possible, no matter what it takes, I’m gonna find out how, every day.

Believe in what you are doing, every day!
If you have any suggestion for a post or something that you really want to see in my posts, Than i’ll try to make that true in my posts, leave a comment, thanks for reading once again ^^