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~The Right Direction

Set the course and take action, Why are you still waiting ?

Good! now that we at least know, as you have red my previous blog that a change of our mind helps us walking in the right direction. We gotta take that step in the right direction. But let’s first think about this one:

One key to success is indeed to change our mind, into a winners mindset. The right course can be set if we know how success looks for us, how it is, what goals we want to reach. And than we can set out course.

So first apply that winners mindset before you are going to walk, and encourage yourself to keep on walking also. Not to give you any standard advice, because it sounds all quit easy what i am writing here, but when we put it into practice we really begin to see how hard it actually can be. But that’s the beauty of a process that as long as you keep walking, than you are definitely making progress. And during the process you train you character, and your character and mindset combined creates a new hope and new strength to move forward!

Let Positive frustration be your inspiration

That’s confusing again…. How can frustration become an inspiration? Well! by doing this. By letting it being your greatest motivator. And how we do that ?

Frustration can be your inspiration, really. I’m about to reveal it to you, OK hold on here it comes. Where do you imagine yourself in 5 years? That’s your goal! Your destination. And now comes the biggest, greatest motivator ever, your frustration, probably if you look to your life right now, You are not there. No right? So am i, so i let this frustration being my inspiration. ( because i still have a lot of goals that i want to achieve)

I say NO to where i am and YES to where i want to be. It’s like i wanna swim from island to island, sounds impossible right? But i can make plans i can hire a boat, i can swim a part and do a part with a boat by example. But i don’t have the money for a boat, so i learn everyday to swim further and further. And i train myself day by day. This is a quit weird story i know but, This is exactly what i mean, The frustration is your inspiration to get to the other side, the side where u aren’t

Swim till you are there where u want to be!

It should motivate you to take action in the right direction and maybe in 5 years or maybe even less you are exactly where you want to be. Expect the unexpected, because you are absolutely more capable, and smart then you think right now. I guess that i already said this a lot so start to plan!

Start to take action, take a big step out of the comfort zone make smalls steps, however you do it, it is absolutely fine!

But let that frustration be something positive, That feeling that runs through your whole mind and spirit when you are absolutely thinking about where you are now and where you want to be! Face it, embrace and say to it: ”I’m getting there no matter what it takes I WILL FOR SURE ACHIEVE, what i want to achieve! This goal this mission it’s absolutely mine”.

I say YES to my mission to be FREE

Change your mind

In my previous blog, I already writed something about the change of your mind and how to apply it. But how does a mindset lead us to our true purpose in life, and how can we achieve what we want just by a mindset. Your own mind is a sort of 90% done for you system, eh… wait what? Yes! Everything is already there but it takes your 10%( motivation,efforts,change your routine etc whatever it might be) to discover that.

Good that was weird.,.. A 90% done for you system… Maybe you think i don’t experience it like you tell me right now. Don’t worry one step at a time please. Because it starts all with a new way of thinking, a way of adding. With adding i mean adding value to yourself. The words you proclaim over your own life are extremely powerful, because you began to live by these words. You can either make it I can’t do anything.. OR change your thinking and make it I can do everything. Compare the two i think that the I CAN is absolutely better then the i can’t.

Changing the way you approach life can also be very powerful in your journey to success. Instead of thinking in problems think in solutions. By example You haven’t reached your full potential yet. You can think oh no… i’ll never get there i am absolutely a zero a no go no brain oh no… Yes… then discouragement will lead absolutely to the wrong path.

But what if you approach it like this, I haven’t unlocked my full potential yet, but oh i am so grateful for what i have yet achieved! And i’m about to make some moves into a right direction it’s gonna be life changing!

Way more positive isn’t it ? A winners mindset is also one of the Keys to your succes

Your journey starts today, Everything that i want is to see you becoming a BIG SUCCES STORY

Thanks for reading again 😉

Unlock Your full Potential

So one thing we must all realise to be successful is also to be certain right ? To be sure to completely understand who you are and what you are capable of and what your talents are and not only that also knowing who you are. And fully stand in it and live by it, it is one of the secrets behind success,

What are my goals ? I want to motivate you to move to the next level, and to ignore what everybody says to you the negativity,and all the stuff that doesn’t help you moving forward.

Let’s GO are you ready to run with me to the next level of life or of your dreams and everything else that is about to come? Let me first add some value to you, You are one of a kind, you are absolutely capable, and you still have many talents that you haven’t discovered yet. Yes serious, and you should not think to lightly of this because i believe that when you change your mind, change the way you approach things, life, a new opportunity, a dream. Or anything else you want to achieve, you’ll truly achieve what u want to achieve.

In my life i see so many people who hide their light, their strength… and i can’t have that. They are watering down every talent they have by just not have the courage or the will or the motivation to show it.

I believe that there are so many talents in this world, Your journey starts today please begin to shine.

Say today ” I don’t care what they say I CAN”

Everything that i want is to see you becoming a BIG SUCCESS STORY

Consistency is the Key To Success

This is one of my first Blogs, about Success. In the blogs that are about to come i’m gonna write about many subjects that cross my mind, Things to motivate you and to get the best out of you!, as well as blogs that also grab my interest about how to earn an income online. My blogs will basically be focused on those two things..

Already to motivate you, consistency is the key to succes, this is what i experience in the journey that i call You are designed and created to be FREE.

So Consistency is key, the power and essence is in the progress, How motivated are you to take a next step in the right direction, maybe you want to follow your dreams, and you are on the edge of making a big move in your life. Taking that next step towards your dream might be quit scary, maybe you need to give up something in your life that was so important for so many years, but it’s not adding any value at the moment. Maybe you need to add a new habit to get there where you want to get, but everyone around you is discouraging you. Don’t hear them, because in the end it’s you who’ll be on the top of the mountain and not them. I believe that as long as you are moving forward there is no reason to regret anything that you are doing right now, as long as you are moving in the right direction things are gonna be Ok at the right time, yes ? Be patient with yourself and your dream plan.

I’m Looking forward to bring you to the next level, every day i’ll be inspiring!

Thanks for reading ! My Name is Angelo Pieters, My passion is to inspire people to become successful and to become the best version of you !