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Never give up on the dream

I wanted to add this because I think in these time’s there are maybe people who give up on their dreams because of all the difficulties, Today I want to encourage you to renew your mind, and we are heading on to a fresh new post that is more personal development related, Because I feel that there are sudden people who need that!

Don’t be deceived by appearance!

Do you recognize this? Others seem to get ahead and your don’t, you constantly doubt yourself and you think ”am I walking a the right path? or am I not walking on the right path? Is there something I’m doing wrong and so forth?

Is this you? Than plug in into a fresh new blog post that is more personal development related because those things you also need on your path to success. Like I wrote in my blog business in action part 2 there are thousand of people who claim to be rich overnight.

And that it was all on their path super easy, no backfire no losses , they did it all. But that is 9 of the 10 times not the full story we all go through difficulties on our path to success.

Be the hero on your own path and show them your worth

Be the hero of your own path and believe every day in what you are doing,And not the fact of looking up to others who had probably a totally different story than you, your story has value.

And why do I write this? To Encourage you in this time, to encourage the people who think like ”yeah but for them everything goes ten times faster” ”He is over rich and i am not” and all those kind of thoughts stop to compare your story to someone else’s story.

They didn’t walk your path, and you didn’t walk the path that they had. What if they had secrets, or huge company debts. And they need to organize thousands of how to be rich courses to get over the come over the company debt?

Or what if their success, (and sorry I want u to be aware of nothing else than the grass isn’t greener at the other side), What if their success is build on a foundation of criminal deeds, and that’s how they got rich?

Do you always truly know the story behind the curtains?

Or maybe they go through the same difficulties as you and I

Consistency is the key as I said in one of my other blog posts, Even when things go the hard way, and even when you have to walk the tough road. Every time when you are about to give up, or about to think i’ll never get there because it’ll take thousands of years before I’m ever successful.

Every time when you are about to give up, every time when you think that you lack success or that you lack something.

Say this :I am strong, I should stop doubting, My success is closer thank I think, There is a born winner inside of me, And nothing is gonna stop me now! ( And repeat)

Everyone has a story, and your story is gonna be perfect, I truly hope that when you read this, that you’ll become wealthy and prosperous!

No matter the circumstances

There is a born winner inside of you

Small investments make sense

Hey there! I’m glad to have you here, once again I want to shout out to a great encouraging audience, I read your comments and I want to add that you don’t go unnoticed, I believe that encouraging each other and add positive comments that it helps in this time of emergencies going on, and a variety of difficult situations.

A word of encouragement

We are heading on today to a article that’s all about small investments make sense first of all I would like to start with a word of encouragement, In these times, things might be a kind of uncertain. Or maybe you are struggling inside of your mind or you are getting discouraged by the people around you.

This can lead sometimes to giving up, it is what happens when we begin to believe in what people say about us, we are pushed into their negativity. And we believe again in the words where we came from, from the first very beginning ”aa yes see… it is true it’s never gonna work out” ”oh no I’m indeed a ….”.

Stop believing those!!!! Whatever people say about you, they look up to you. They never thought about the plan you are planning, or they might be jealous because you are so passionate. You have something that they don’t have, so they need you in order to be happy. Because if people drive you nuts, they want you to be low. So that you cant be seen anymore, and so that they can be seen instead of you. From up today, Stop believing everything that is totally not related to you.

Ask yourself, is this true? Does it add value to me? Is it really something I do? If you can answer no on all these questions. You are already set and you can continue your business. Don’t let anybody turn you to the point of self doubt if you are on the road to achieve your dreams. That’s my word of encouragement for you!

To your success!

Small investments work!

Sometimes we might not be in the position to big investments, and we might think like ”How am i ever gonna make it without the big investments” ”How can this work because…” Think in solutions today we are gonna leave the word because. I mean the because in a negative way, we are gonna turn it into something that might work.

Great how is my small investment going to make a change?

In the previous post i already tried to add some value, by explaining the concept of boosting a post. By as little as 4 dollars and you would think, that doesn’t make any sense at all. But it does make sense when by example I’m gonna show you what I mean by using an example of my own facebook page..

After u have set up your page, u can choose to boost a post, I share my blogs on my page so example one, I want to share my last blog post than is this a little bit what I do.

Step 1. My last post well from the fb free traffic that i have i have two readers wooohoo, yippiee. But it it’s not the amount of traffic i want, I want more people to see it, but I only have some small investments. What are the steps that I’m going to take?

Select the option boost your post.

Step 2. Click on boost post and select the option send people to your website

Select this option ( sidenote u must have a paypal account that’s attached to your facebook)

Step 3, Create a page button and give it a name that attracts attention, So that your audience knows the right direction to your website, For now you select the option sign up. Later u can change it into something like ”’Be welcome” ”Be my guest” ” or something u like.

Click on the option Sign up later u can change this button.

Step 4. You can if you want select the special ad category, But this is more for when you are into real estate, or loans, or if you are offering people a job. So we are skipping this option, We are immediately heading to the audience that you are going to target. My blogs are written in English so maybe I want people from the U.S to see my blog. But maybe I also like to show it to people in Australia. I’ll guide you again.

Click on edit next to the people you choose through targeting button.

Select the edit option

Type in the Location bar the countries that can see your post so u want to show your post to people in the United States? U type in united states, and other countries you prefer.

Type in the country where u want to show your post.

When you have followed Step 4, Where you can type in the countries u like to show your post to. And than finally we are at step 5 of making a low budget advertising. And why this is making sense, You are going to set your add spend on 4 dollars in my case euro’s. And what’s the effect of this that your post is at least gonna be seen by 190 to 560 people per day, What if let’s say 4×560=2240 people see your post and visit your website?. Than in 4 days you have attracted 2240 people with just 4 dollars/euro’s. I’ll show you

so the first step you can take is to make this complete and see for the first 4 days how it’ll work for you^^

So this was actually a free mini course to show you what the possibilities are with social media, it doesn’t always have to be king size to be perfect. It’s by the way right that u see there because this is ofcourse an example post. Later this will automatically change that to the url that’s of course your website.

Ok I hope that you found this post informative and that it added value! Let me know in the comments what you are thinking about these kind of posts! That’s it for now more posts are on the way, I’ll try to deliver the best quality content that I can!

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Business in action Part 3

Hey there! Glad to have you here because we are heading on to a new post and that’s business in action part 3, I hope that this posts is just gonna be so good as the previous post I’m gonna do my best to give u the best quality that I have in mind.

U don’t want to go unnoticed

Whenever you are running an online business, or just like many others you are still trying to grow a business, U don’t want to go unseen, It can’t be that u are struggling so hard to make it work, and that nobody knows about you.

Or the mindset that you create during the time of growth, because the investment that you make, can be anything. Anything small, begin with sharing your online business by creating a facebook page.

Why should I create a facebook page for my online business?

Well, there is a huge crowd on facebook, and it’s a good to create a business page or to start a page to send traffic to your website.

So by example what you can do u go to Next thing you do is that you give your page a name. This will be the name of your business or you give it another name, By example I have called my page Angelo’s Market, because it’s a market full of information here on my page.

How could a facebook page help me with my online business?

Well especially when it comes to blogging and also running an online business, you want traffic, and it’s a struggle sometime’s to attract a lot of traffic. I’m very grateful that the traffic that comes my way is most of the time’s I see from google or from other social media platforms.

But a facebook page could definitely help, And what’s the idea and the concept that I’m trying to explain here? That traffic can help u to grow your blog or business, it’ll add customers/readers. And that’s exactly what u need.

This image describes the how important SEO is for your business

Small investments work

Sometimes and that depends on who you are, and what your earnings are, and your spending behavior.

And so on, But let’s get straight to the point small investments work. By example you can start to boost a post for as small as an amount of 5 dollars by example, or even 4. You can choose for how long u let a post run and in the mean time u can reach a lot of people.

Try the little things to earn Revenue, When it works than go big!

Because when you boost a post, you allow your post to be seen by a lot of people and u can choose what kind of people u target, so to make this concept a little bit clear, it’s a way to grow traffic for your blog, or for your online business. And how to boost a online post? When you have made your first post, there is always an option that says boost post, and that’s the way you can get more traffic.

That’s it for now, I hope that this post gave an idea on what u can do when it comes to traffic for your online business, and that it added some value. Stay tuned because more posts are about to come

Step by step you can let your earnings grow

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Writing with Value

Hey there audience I’m glad to have you here again we are still living in a tensed time, but in the middle of this tensed time, Let’s use the time that we have with effect, learning and researching things that bring us closer to our goals

Again and this one is especially very important to say is that your comments don’t go unnoticed I see many people who appreciate the content on this website, and that’s all a big encouragement, I admit I had also some things on my plate, But in the time that we have we should continue to chase our goals isn’t it?

The art of writing and what is of value?

Yes we dive into a post where it’s all about some tips and trics for the content you make, to let it a little bit shine, because the content on your website that is the colour of your online business.

Whatever your doing you are trying to grow a blog to grow passive income, you have an affiliate marketing site to grow passive income you dropship, you have a facebook ads marketing agency, Whatever it is everything what you are doing to create or trying to create passive income that is business.

So the content you make is most of all the first impression that your audience get’s from your online business. And it can be a real big challenge sometime’s isn’t it? Is it the right content? What am I gonna write? And what is the passion that drives me to write.

What is value?

I woud say that anything you write adds value, But content with value can be Educative content, Encouraging content, Advertorial content. It can be anything. Whatever the content is that you are about to write deliver the best quality!

Deliver the best you can do!

But how do you deliver the best content?

First of all i would advice you to write content that fits in your niche, and is a match with your talent.

Because if you don’t create content where you are really good at, than you create yourself just a second job, and you don’t want that. Next thing that I would really advice is to download a grammar check/Text check.

Check Check double check

What’s also important when you write content?

One of the most important things is I think work in your best niche, Because as i mentioned before, if you create another job by writing content that you actually don’t like but hey it makes money so ya why not writing it and it becomes really hard for you, believe me that isn’t freedom. Or let’s say it isn’t a road to freedom.

So what’s your niche that niche that your really passionate about, are you more a kind of travel blogger, or a you more a kind of promotion blogger, by writing about the products you offer or are more a motivational bloggers, or tips and trics for business related things.

And once again to repeat it….

It’s important that you write something that you are passionate about otherwise once again as i mentioned you’ll find yourself having a second job. I’ll give u an example I like it t write articles about personal development and business related things because I think that it adds value.

Right keywords, can also help to let your blog grow^^ Google is your best friend.

And somehow it’s pretty educative and beside’s that I write that what pops up in my mind sometime’s it seems that it attracts a lot of people. I don’t know what that is people like to read it somehow, and I think that i’m pretty blessed with the audience that I have, Shout out to you guys, because i read all your comments and it’s really encouraging thank u ^^

And remember we are in a process, maybe not success overnight but long term success is I think the best thing to work on, It’s not easy I admit, even I myself face challenges, oh yes I do, But every time I think, It’s possible, no matter what it takes, I’m gonna find out how, every day.

Believe in what you are doing, every day!
If you have any suggestion for a post or something that you really want to see in my posts, Than i’ll try to make that true in my posts, leave a comment, thanks for reading once again ^^

A leap of faith in Business and life

First of all I want to thank my audience for all the encouragement, and the appreciation of the content that I write here on my website, We are all going through heavy times or some are still going good in the times of being in Quarantine,or maybe you have the option to go outside sometime’s however.. I’m glad to have you here again!

How do we use the time that we have?

Hey there! Once again! My dear audience, I’m glad to have you here again this blog post is gonna be personal development related, and business related. Oh ya one thing I want to let you know and that’s that your comments don’t go unnoticed

So in my post business in action part 2 you could read that it take’s time to build an online business, even for me ,believe me I have set some goals but I’m also not there yet, but I’m working on it.

But i have been thinking about this do we realise our full potential, Do we create the I can mindset? And do we know that it take’s time, The past days I watched a lot of inspirational stories of people who are at the top right now..

Believe in the goals you have set, and you’ll get there!

Because everybody has a dream, and everybody with a dream has sometime’s the feeling like ”Is this business ever gonna make sense” ”Is it ever gonna work”. And most of the time what happens is that we let our selves being discouraged because some people make six figures and we don’t and then we point a finger to ourselves, But why do we do that?

We do we let ourselves being discouraged? What stops us?

A plan to make it all work

I would advice, since that is just wise, to not make decisions to fast, of course you can’t always play it safe in life. But you also need to make a plan also to make it all work.

Besides it’s not bad if you have a part time job, while you work on your blog by example. Because let’s admit it your standards costs and bills also need to be paid right? It’s not bad that you work in the mean time on your side business, because those kind of investments like time those are long term investments.

Because you don’t want to find yourself in struggles by example, by doing something completely random, Out of the comfort zone that’s pretty good but make sure you do it wise.

Do your research, and believe that there are many options out there also for you!

Before the top come’s the struggles, after the struggles, Result!

I’m so inspired by hearing many stories from people who also did their best to reach the top, but when i see where they came from……

I’m very surprised sometime’s you would think, ”yes but, yes I dont have the opportunities around me, I dont have the talents, I will never reach something like that”. With a I cant, and I dont mindset, you create also a I dont and I cant world.

Because something that I see is what all the people who believed in their passion and their dreams have in common, is that they went through the hard times in order to get where they are right now.

Never stop dreaming! Believe in your dream every day again.

Besides that whatever your dreams are to have a great passive income with affiliate marketing, content marketing, blog to business. Or you just want to travel and to create passive income with your own brand.

Do your researches, and remember never stop dreaming, It won’t always be easy but use the time that you have to work on your dreams.

That can be everything, this is for everybody a different path, and for everybody a different method works.

I hope that this content added some value, and that whoever read this post, May read this phrase Your dream and your plan will work, You are on your way to success, You are absolutely able of doing great things, and nothing can stop you, I believe in you!

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A message to all my dear followers, plus a little blog

Hey there! I’m glad to have you here, i just wanted to write this post to let you know that my blog is still alive, but due to some private situations and because of the covid 19, It’s been quit a challenge, but let me nevertheless write an encouraging messaging for you.

First things first,

I hope you are all doing well? Due to some circumstances i wasn’t able to write a post for a few weeks, But i have been reading all your comments, and i must say that my blog business in action part 2 hits the best. And that’s very amazing to see, i hope that my content adds value to your lives, as well as to your business, i got some other posts as well!

And i’m trying to work on a new post that might be related to business in action part 2, where i’m explaining that starting an online business is not all about red roses and flowers, it take’s serious efforts, and it take’s also a leap of faith, in general it takes faith.

don’t ever let go of the dream that can make you lucky!

Which isn’t easy all the time, Don’t rush i’m also still work in progress, and believe me when you change those kind of words in your mind, you are not so fast to give up. because it’s sometime’s all about which words you use in your mind to achieve the goals you have.

I have a lot of goals, one of my goals is to ever live in bali with my fiancé and to have a happy family, and still to be of inspiration to a lot of people sweet isnt’t it? But I know that also take’s time, it take’s efforts and hard work. It’s ok to first by example start your dream part time to later make it an full time idea really, some people go way to fast all in, and get dissapointed after they do that. But!

Some story’s that really motivate me, is the stories of people who thought that it was all gonna be sour for them, they thought ”OK… that was my dream… it’s gone and what now let’s put one of them on the list.

By the way there was someone who had a brilliant idea of an community it isn’t a bad idea, i’m also thinking about a community where we can encourage each other maybe a page where we can all give each other idea’s. Or just encouragement, or where we can share success stories.

But… Let us out of the blue jump to from rags to riches, i just write about one hero who went to rags to riches despite the hardships she encountered, let’s read the story of Jk rowling.

From rags to riches

This i wanted to share with you, that if you never give in and always keep on running, than one day you’ll achieve your goals

  1. Jk rowling

The Motivational Success Story Of J.K Rowling – From Deep Depression To World’s RICHEST AUTHOR In 2017 J.K Rowling is one of the most motivational and inspiration people who showed the world how determination and faith can pull you through just about anything, and that hard work really does pay off. She describes the most traumatizing moment in her life as the day her mother died — it was New Year’s Day in 1991 when Rowling was 25. This was six months after she began writing “Harry Potter,” and she lamented that her mother never knew she was writing it. After her mother’s death, Rowling moved to northern Portugal for a fresh start and taught English as a foreign language. After that she started dating a man who she married later and became pregnant with her daughter Jessica. Living in a cramped apartment with her daughter, jobless and penniless, Rowling fell into a deep depression and admits she even considered suicide. She was forced to rely on state benefits and spent much of her time writing “Harry Potter” in cafés with Jessica sleeping in the pram next to her. “An exceptionally short-lived marriage had imploded, and I was jobless, a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless … By every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew,” Rowling said during a 2008 Harvard University commencement speech. After receiving “loads” of rejections from book publishers when she first sent out the manuscript, Bloomsbury, a publishing house in London, gave “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” the green light in 1997. In 2011, Forbes estimated Rowling to be worth about $1 billion, but she has since fallen from the publication’s list of the world’s billionaires after reportedly giving some of her wealth to charity. She remains on its lists of the most powerful celebrities and the world’s top-earning authors. If you have a dream or a passion and you keep getting rejected, or running into failure, DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU! If you’re going trough a tough time in your life, Don’t give up! Don’t let people tell you no it’s never gonna happen for you, It IS going to happen for you!

There are so many other rags to riches stories that you can watch on youtube, But the point of this story is don’t let anybody tell you that it’s never gonna happen for you! Don’t let anybody tell you things like, yeah but this is not for you but this but that, but but but……. There is no but, There is a I’m not there YET but i’m work in progress so i’m about to get there!

Until so far i tried to encourage you, keep strong, don’t give up, don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goals, yes there are hardships, and yes sometimes it might feel that your never gonna get there, it might be hard, but between a feeling and reality there is a lot of difference!

More posts’ll be coming soon

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Invest in your success

Let’s fight for our dreams as a Lion!

Glad to have you here, and because of such a great audience like you guys i’m able to write another blog again, as i noticed many people like subject as what are your limits to success, and business in action part 2, My previous blog what does success look like is also worth the reading! SO let’s dive into another subject, Invest in your success.

Your ticket to freedom and your goals

So, indeed how does success look like for you? and how does your Ticket to freedom look like for you, Write it on a paper or in a document, and take the steps to freedom. But before you do that, make a plan a kind of strategy, like what i do i also take small steps, and of course play it smart, especially in these kinda time’s, because let’s be honest we live in difficult time’s.

While we are chasing our tails and our success ticket, I’m asking myself what.. is holding me back?….

But let’s take the lead, and not to be afraid and not letting anything stop us from our ticket to freedom, because u know what i experience in daily life, things that can really hold me back from going on the to next level, uncertainty and the unknown.

How scared are we sometime’s for the things that lie ahead of us? I’m honest i’m also thinking in my mind sometime’s like ok,ok, I have started this blog, my goal is to inspire everybody. And i believe that what u give come’s back to you, in the mean time i also have a job.

Because like i said the standard thing’s need to be fixed. But i’m not planning to make it an forever story.

So do what it takes and don’t quit

Sometime’s our plans and goals, take time. There is nothing on the internet as overnight success, and once again sorry that i repeat things,the grass is not greener at the other side. No believe me, so many people are indeed ”living the life” and traveling anywhere. While they have an online business, and i don’t say that that is possible. I say it absolutely is, nothing is impossible.

Nothing is impossible, but if you really do and show your talents you can do anything.

I believe that all of you, who visit my blog, i think that you all have talents, I think you can all get where you wanna be. And are there people who aren’t motivating you to success? Don’t hear those people, Because i believe and maybe i’m to excited, or i’m to positive, but that doesn’t matter.

What matters the most today is that i believe in your story, your success. And the road is maybe sometime’s hard. And there are challenges, and as i say i’m an honest blogger, if you know my story whoaah… challenges enough. But i believe that there is more in life, and i won’t rest until i have reached the goal that i set in this life.

Some last words of encouragement

Keep your head up! And write a good plan, something that you want to reach, visualise imagine, know that u can do what it takes. And ignore all the bad comments, or people that say that u can’t do it. Don’t always check for people’s validation. I mean we need each other, but not to check every second, ”so …. am i still good enough?”

I’m gonna say today you are good enough!, more posts are coming , i’m trying to work on it as soon as possible. In the mean time stay tuned, and if you have any inspiring idea’s for a community, or a page where we can share success stories, than be my guest, you can already check and like my page Angelo’s market, that page is also still under construction, But more is coming.

Bless u!

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What does success look like?

An interesting state in our life is a state of transition, a state where we try new things business related, and personal development related, and where we achieve our goals, because of my amazing audience i started writing again! Thank u guys! I’m really grateful because believe me iv’e sometimes got a lot of things on my plate.

A word of gratitude towards my audience

I’m really reading all of your comments and it quit encourages me with new idea’s it supports me with a new fresh mind, to write some new posts, because believe me sometime’s writing starts with just doing it, searching for the point of peace at the middle of the hurricane.

And i think that, that is a very good thing, to be the helping hand in someone’s situation, also when you see someone struggling or you feel someone struggling try to be someone’s positive hand!

With that being said, let’s again jump into a new fresh post where it’s all about, what does success look like for you?, what is the goal or the motive that keeps you moving, what is the drive behind your plan? And what keeps you moving?

Goals keep you moving, It’s pure the mindset

To have a goal in front of you moves you towards success, but what moves you? What is your motivator, and what inspire’s you? It’s important that you have a goal, something where you can fix your eyes upon during the hard work you do to get to success. Because that is the reason, that is the one thing that’ll make things work.

We are going to chase our success until we are there were we are want to be!

To have the right inspiration, matters a lot when you are fighting for your goals and walking the road to success, because how can you achieve success, if you have someone beside you that says, ‘

”Your plans are never gonna work”’ ”This thing is really going down”. Why am i telling this over and over again? Because believe me when the wrong kind of person start to advice us, than all our dreams will just go into rubbish…. Do we want that? No…

So this is maybe somewhat weird advice, imagine the life you want to have, imagine your success, that is what should drive you. And while you work on success, never ever loose the enthusiasm. I mean it’s ok to sometimes take a break, so that you’ll not be overworked.

The little things, but the big movement

Yes right on, it’s true, every time i see little result, it move’s the bigger side in me, When i see results from my efforts, i know again, alright… so this is also the person that i am, this is also my bigger me, but wait…..? If i can do this, what is still stopping me, and while i’m writing this, i also want to be honest,

I’m an honest blogger, i want to say that i also see many challenges in life, believe me life is not always greener at the other side, don’t be fooled by seeing other people driving in a new rolls roys, or moving from country to country, the reality is sometime’s far from the truth, but nevertheless do i believe that we are more capable than we think that we are.

OH!!! WHAT A CAR!!! But… what is the story behind it?

I mean ya,,,, can i break for one time the ideal rolls roys, rich guy with designer clothes, I live in a big mansion and i’m cool idea? If you think that, that is life, and that those are goals, take a step back.

And scroll through your list thinking about what were my goals at the beginning. I mean ofcourse! for everything we need money. Yes that is right on and so true. Bills need to be paid and debts if you have any. But those problems are also temporary, it’s all about the way you deal with it.

But please… And i have said it a few blogs earlier don’t be fooled by what you see, but believe in what is about to be. Don’t be stressed by seeing not your results over night, but see the strength in your greatest fight, Don’t see yourself as a zero, but unlock your inner hero.

Sometime’s our challenges are big, the storm the hurricanes, it seems an unending circle, but the inner hero in you is gonna beat all these challenges!

I was a little poetic here haha! But it’s true vogues, we often find ourselves, thinking that the life of other people is better, or maybe we even think that we cannot get there. But why? why we can’t get there? why is that?

What is still holding you back? From taking at least a step you can even start to build your website with wordpress, if you sign up via the link u earn 25 dollars for any paid plan. Or simply host your own blog.

Or you can already start your idea, by writing a business plan, or writing your e book. Do everyday a little bit, especially when you still have part time job. Take it step by step, And believe in your dreams.

And remember, Don’t panic. Especially in these time’s.

Your inner hero is about to return!

To your success! and once again, a great shoutout to my encouraging audience, i needed that boost to start writing again.

Go for it! Also in the downs!

Be a winner because you were not born to be a loser, let people say what they want, because only the real one’s show up during your lows, the rest only shows up during your highs

`~ Digitalnomadonfire

Hey there dear people! It’s lovely to have you, I have red your encouraging comments and wow!. That’s exactly what i needed, got a lot of things on my plate and there happend a lot of things. So i needed definitely a break, and i’m having a break now, enjoying bali indonesia with my fiancé. However i’m grateful for every comment that i read because i believe that what you give, will come to back to you!

Let’s start 2020 with a winners mindset

Once again it’s great to have you here, and we are heading on to a new blog that has everything to do with how do you handle your business in the downs? Because it’s easy in the ups to believe in the things that keep you moving but are you also able to be a winner in the downs?

This is maybe a weird start of a new blog, but here we go let’s just go through it together.

Because like i said, i got a lot of things on my plate, but what did i just found out, and what gives me the inspiration to go for it?

Yes life can be a mess, but don’t forget your a superman/woman

Your environment and what you allow matters!

Ofcourse?! What matters more to success than a winners mindset and your environment? A clean space, but not only in the place where you live, but also in your mind. What kind of words do you allow? And what kind of people do you allow?

Well this is so important, because there is a big chance when you surround yourself with people that always have something to brag about, or never support your dream, or always have something bad to comment on our idea’s. Than it’s time to close your ears for those kind of comments, or just to move on.

Are you gonna be the one that breaks the arms of a dreamer? Or are you the one who is gonna say ”Listen up how can we make your dreams real? I wanna be a part of your dreams”

No really surround yourself with like minded people, people that support you and not people that want to take you down, a toxic environment will not lead you to success. A lot of people don’t realise what words can do with people who have big dreams, before you know it you have crushed the next jamess bond, or maybe the next super digitalnomad of the year.

What if you can be the final touch to someone’s business idea? What if you are the reason that they won’t give up?

Believe me i talk out of experience i want to share this with you, because i’m also real, life at my side is also not always easy.

That i can enjoy right now with my fiancé is pure a blessing, i worked hard for that. And i fought for that, although there were people on the side line yelling : ”angi it’s not possible angelo it’s a this and blablabla”.

And i just closed my ears for those kind of people, and looked up to the mountain that i wanted to climb, and i said to that mountain, i’m gonna face you, i’m not gonna close my eyes for you! HERE I COME!,

So believe me, i blog, and i work. So i aim to escape the 9 to 5 one day, so that hopefully i can stay somewhat longer with my fiancé in bali.( And to officially mary her ofcourse and live together)

What are you gonna allow? And what is good and what is toxic?

If you allow Good, your results will also be good, If you allow the bad, your results will also be bad.

Yes that sounds weird isn’t it? But it is the truth, if you’ll allow words as ”your idea will never work” ”Can you not do better than this? it sucks” ”You’ll never get where i am” ” Oh it’ll not work out, well i guess i stop it..”

Imagine! Write every day about the lifestyle of goal that you want to accomplish, talk with people who really want to help you with some idea’s for your business. Be with people who can advise you like this by example.

Hey brother/sister. Do you need some help? Yes actually i want some advice about how you can start an online business, or how can i develop the business or the dream that i have? Well!! I have an idea this person knows a lot of networks that can help u already in the right direction, and this person knows how to write content, and so on.

These kind of words by example, that helps people, that is the kind of advice where people are looking for. And not something like this

huh? You are searching help for that stupid idea of you? Oh… nah … maybe you can better stop dreaming and do something that works. Or maybe you can just flush your dreams there in the toilet. (i would felt worse if i was a person who tell these kind of things).

And some last final words to summarize the whole story

Be of use when somebody needs you, just the way you would help someone. Do it, when somebody dreams, dream with them. And check if you can make their dreams a little bit easier, by handing them out some tools where they can work with.

Believe in your business, or your online blog, or whatever your niche is. Don’t always check the grass at the other side, because it’s not always green. You don’t know how the super rich people got where they are right now, maybe they have a lot of debts, or maybe they don’t earn their money so honest as you think.

Or maybe it took them years, to get where they want to be. The point is : Every big billionare or big company big online business, started small, started to dream and to realise the dream, and to take action.

And…….. now it’s your turn SUPERHERO!

Lot’s of love from me again! I hope that this blog encouraged you, Since i’m a little bit back on track, I hope to write some more blog posts! And remember let no one stop you, from the big plans that you have in mind.

Bless u All

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Finally together after 6 months waiting!

The I can Mindset matters!

Welcome my dear blog followers , I love to read your encouraging comments, I believe when we make a circle with people, that encourage each other daily we can make the difference in our lives, And that’s absolutely amazing, keep up the good comments vogues! And let’s move on to the ”I can Mindset” matters!.

This blog is more personal development related, i hope to inspire you with this blog so that after reading this blog, you can apply it in your personal life, whether this is in your life,business,work,friendship,relationship,marriage. I hope that you can find something that you can apply!

Why would just a mindset matter?

Yes that’s a good question isn’t it? You have probably red my blogs, ”flourish in your niche, and my blog flourish in your niche part 2.

Those are mindset things, because when you don’t have the right mindset, when you are about to take action or when you are about to unleash your qualities in your niche, you’ll find yourself giving up to fast, or being impatience. And that’s the reason why the ”i can” mindset matters, wealth growth, and all those things have a foundation, a solid ground.

You need a solid ground before you start

Wealth,luck, and prosperity all begins with a solid ground.

Because when you don’t have a solid ground ,everything won’t stand that long, you’ll find yourself standing, and also failing really fast. I want u to have a solid ground in your life! So apply the I can’s in a situation, where u have applied the i can’t. And to apply the I am able, and in a situation where you applied the i ”i think i can’t do this”.

A helping hand for those who need it!

Why would it matter if you apply those things in your life?

And why would this matter? Why would this change my current situation? maybe those are questions that you ask yourself. Because if you apply these things you create a solid ground to build on, so every time that something occurs in your life that you can’t control. Apply ”the I am still able” because that gives you strength.

if you change the way you approach a challenge,you’ll turn into an instant winner

Digitalnomadonfire, on the road to success

Sometime’s you need to face challenges in your life, and sometimes also the failures, yes! Because this’ll make you a stronger person, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And I admit, sometimes when life gives me challenges, i also don’t understand it.

I’m working out an idea, or doing something that i planned so perfectly, and the next moment everything turns into one ”big soup with outdated meatballs” But those things make me frustrated for a second, but the next moment i apply the ”i am still able” and the ”i can” on those challenges. Actually when you respond on those challenges with a strong mindset, you can become an instant winner, And that’s what i wish for everybody who reads this blog!

Show them your best! with the I can, approach your challenges with the ”I am able” await the right season in your life with a ”I am so grateful that there will be a time of big results and it’s already mine!”

Your idea! Your plan! Your business! Will rock the world!

Much love again from me! I hope that this will inspire you today when you are about to work on your goals, and when you are about to encounter your personal challenges, more blogs are on their way!

At the moment it’s raining in the netherlands… the sun in bali was better! also that’s still a big journey, one day i hope i can stay there somewhat longer!

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