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Make This year one to remember

Hey there! I’m glad to have you here once again! So we are in the middle of 2020, And I admit with all honesty in my heart, It’s freaking turbelent. The coronacrisis is really presence. I got a lotta things on my own plate also, 2020 Is like a storm!

Look to the opportunities and go for it

One of the most difficult things when yo go though a challenging year, Full of ups and downs.

Is to find the strength or the motivation the search for opportunities. But nevertheless I also face challenges in my own life, believe me beside’s my building up my blog I also have a part time job It’s sometimes pretty stressful.

But my goal is to take this blog to a full time business, It’s all a step by step process but as long as you are making steps that’s important. Educate yourself by learning a new skill, And find as much as information as you can and use it.

Maybe there is a youtuber inside of you try to do that, Or maybe there is big marketer in you find out how you can turn that into income.

Let’s support each other especially now

Is it possible to support each other with a comment? Let’s do that. Is it possible to support each other by sharing some things? Lend a helping hand. Support a business if you can. Do you have help in monetization? help!

Research yourself,

How weird it may sound, check your self, What’s stopping you right now from doing things that you actually love? What’s holding you back from the thought that you can actually achieve more than you think? And do you have a plan in mind? See for yourself where you have set the limitations. Remove toxicity, create a clean space around you.

Share your dreams only with people who know how to support you

Also there is another thing that I learned, Don’t share your dreams with people who don’t support you. Please don’t do that, if you see a trap don’t fall for it. If you know that they are gonna talk you down don’t talk about it.

Because you’ll only be more disappointed, and it doesn’t add anything to the goals that you want to achieve.

I like people who add to each other it’s one of the reasons, that i created the page followers of nobody has joined the facebook page yet but if you have some time try to find this page on facebook.

Drop a donation

As you all know I have an LDR with my lovely fiancé from indonesia, I want to go there and settle in indonesia also. SO, every gift that you can give, would be of great help and support. To make it possible for everyone to give I just set the standard to 5 dollar I appreciate all the little things I already want to thank u for your donation in advance!! God bless u



Hey there! This is going to be a short post! But I want to bring it to the attention again. I have created a facebook group for motivational thoughts and if you want to share business idea’s. Or traffic sources! The name of this group is followers of

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That’s it, I know this was a very short post! But now u guys know where to find me on facebook.

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If you like my content and want to support me, you are welcome, with a donation as small as 5 dollar you can help sowing in a wonderful future Thank u in advance!


Affirm and change your reality

I’m glad that you are reading again! This going to be an article that’s personal development related, Something that you can hopefully also apply in your own life. It’s a little bit law of attraction minded. It’s a sort of new try out I hope that you’ll enjoy this

Our mind can be so easily distracted or be influenced by the wrong kind of energies, We can experience this in our current situation, in our work, in our business.. I hope this article helps u a little bit or gives u some tools on how to get rid of the same kind of discouraged mindset, and how to adapt a winners mindset.

Reprogram your mind for abudance

This can sometime’s be a somewhat tough thing to do, It sounds easy just affirm it and that’s it. While in daily life we can experience so much struggles in relationship to our goals or our dream life. We fill our mind with how bad it is that we are not there where we want to be.

Instead of that we replace our complaints with gratitude, and that’s how we reprogram the mind to live a life in abundance.

A few examples

What not to affirm.

”Oh today is gonna be heavy again I know that I am gonna meet nagging cusomters”

What to affirm.

I’m so happy and grateful that I still have a job and that i can provide in all my needs and that each customer teaches me a lesson”

What not to affirm

”I am never gonna achieve my dream life I have don ‘t have the skills and the money it’s gonna be difficult and hard and I’ll never achieve what I want”

What to affirm

”Everyday I’m getting closer to my goal, I’ll develop the skills to earn the money, that I need to get there. ”I already have the strength to get there, And I will definitely achieve what I want”

Change the start of your day and the end.

If you change the start you’ll be able to change the end of your day. If you develop your skills to change your mind and your perspective of the day. In the beginning you’ll struggle through this process.

Especially if you have been in a cycle of a negative thinking pattern it’ll be quit challenging. That’s exactly why this is a step by step process. But do it and you’ll see unexpected results.

Share your progress with supportive people

This is so important, If you tell your plans and progress to people who absolutely don’t support you and your idea. You’ll find yourself talking to a wall. And that’s not what you want. You want to share your idea with people who actually are wiling to help you.

By example this is a situation that you absolutely don’t want.

You : ”I have a plan to start an online business, It’s gonna be a big blog page where people can buy articles that will change their lives. Or I’m gonna start my own designer store or my own brand.

Response : ”You? Nobody is gonna buy anything from you, You can never do that because you are so far behind on your competitors. Whenever you start one you’ll never make it in the online business world”

That is toxic…

A situation that would fit better and that you would want.

You : ”I have a plan to start an online business, It’s gonna be a big blog page where people can buy articles that will change their lives. Or I’m gonna start my own designer store or my own brand

Response : Great! What’s your idea? What are you going to do ? And how can I help to make it work? It’s gonna change lives? Alright can I share it or ?

You are going to start your own designer store ? I have some connection let me introduce you to these people that can help you in this process.

You see the difference ? That’s it for now ! More content is on the way stay tuned!

Join my page by the way!

A donation in these hard times

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A Message again for the audience!

First of all. I’m glad to have you here really, Life has it’s ups and downs, but no matter what I just keep strong and I keep repeating daily ”I Am closer to my goal than i think everything is possible, And what also helps a lot is an audience who motivates me, to keep on writing!

I believe that motivating each other is the best thing to do, like i mention already in almost every blog that I write. Why do I mention this? Because believe it or not what you give will eventually find it’s way back to you.

These kind of comments by example are one of the best to wake up with!

Super kind! Especially when you are going through tough times
I want to thank u for these encouraging comments!

What you give will come back to you

I believe that it is good to encourage each other, it doesn’t matter what you are reading whether you are watching a good youtube video or whether you are just reading a good blog.

It’s always good to leave a comment, So that the reader knows ”Alright! my content is being appreciated!” Maybe you’ll raise the next top writer with your encouraging comments! Or you might raise someone’s faith in starting his own online business.

Recently I have also been looking into the comments and felt again encouraged! What a great audience do I have, I really want to thank each one of you for your comments

An Idea that I wanted to share with you

I don’t know what you are thinking about this, but I had an idea, What if we create a kind of business community where we give each other advice or a motivational word for the day?

Or where create business idea’s or we share traffic sources and inspire each other with new idea’s?

Sharing knowledge with each other, giving each other advice. Join this page and post something inspirational! I share my blogs on this page, and I’m thinking to turn this page also in a kind of community, SO CLICK THE LINK^^ And Join this page please.

So that we can build a community full of inspirational Quotes, messages. And whatever you may have in mind!

Who is gonna be the first one that joins the community?

Help me growing my instagram channel

At the current moment, I’m making short motivational posts on Instagram to actually empower you. I’m in need for inspiration on what I should do with my video’s. But you are very welcome to watch those! I have just uploaded a few video’s. But! I am trying to find some inspiration so it’s still work in progress

There are more video’s but let me know if you have some idea’s

Alright! That was it for now. With this posts i also wanted to let you guys know that I’m still alive and thinking about new content! More posts are on their way!

Changes cause turbulence

Yes dear people here I am back again, with a fresh new blog about, Changes cause turbulence. I want to dive into this blog that is more personal development related. I hope to make some difference into your life.

Why are we sometimes so scared for change?

Do you feel it? The tension in your mind if you are about to make a big decision, or maybe a career switch. And that is where the out of the comfortzoné starts. And I also feel you there…

Take it step by step to the right direction!

Because I know for taking the step to make blogging or online business to the next level, there has to come a day that I am going full time. A path full of challenges! Yes logic.(I’m also very real with you, Consider first being financial stable before taking any action, don’t ever commit yourself to something that you can ‘t afford. Nevertheless I believe in talent and possibilities! So affirm and do!)

Because yes I do believe that the real steps happen out of the comfort zone. But do it in steps first start working less, so you can have time to work on your online business.

Next step you start to check for a method that fits to you that can be anything from virtual assistant to blogger to content writer to webs designer to, online affiliate marketeer. Google is in this one your best friend,

Because since a very short time I’m also following a course and the course gave me insights in that I should (what i also mentioned before) turn my passions into income.

Have goals and plan it smart!

Start working step by step towards your goal, it’s important that you remember everyday yes even in these hard time’s, where you want to be.

Try to see in opportunities instead of problems

I’ll give u an example,I change my schedule so that I can work on my blog and use the internet as a platform to find get paid to write options! Or to expand my blogs, the opportunities are endless.

So what is your passion and how big is your believe in what you do?

Think about a skill that u already own, That skill is probably your passion something that is not a punishment to do every day, And try to turn that into income. It’s a challenge and no it will not always be easy, but if you believe in the skill that you already own, believe me a world of opportunities lie ahead of you!

This was my short blog again, I see that business in action is a favorite article, I’m planning to write more articles related to business also, to give maybe some tips and trics related to how u can grow your business with free traffic.

Also if my camera is working, I’ll try to make a kind of video in the future and show you how I always prepare a blog.

What is your dream?

Where do you want to be in 2024?

Hey there dear audience! I’m having a very supportive audience, It’s amazing to have such a audience. It keeps me on the writers path, and motivates me to share whatever I consider as valuable, Let’s dive into a fresh new article where it is all about where do you want to be in 2024 and more.

The what if’s that make it so difficult

So welcome once again, in this fresh new article that more personal development related. These days everybody is surrounded by covid 19 problems. There is happening a lot in the world. But I am sure that better time’s are about to come.

And when better time’s come. You want yourself to see doing what? You want to achieve what? Some of you already have the answer deep inside of you, but you are struggling with the what if’s.

Thoughts become reality you need a goal!

If you are doubting a lot or worrying a lot, Life’ll give you back more of the same.


First of all, it’s important to realise that you need to have a goal in mind, because without goals you’ll find yourself running into a maze. An endless maze without any kind of destination can be a motivation killer. Because you’ll ask yourself one day, for what or who am I doing this? ( Answer this question before you continue to read)

If you know this, you can start to continue with how am I going to get there. And once you know how to get there. The most difficult thing may be, is taking action.

You’ll maybe start doubting,Can I do this? Or maybe there are toxic voices around you saying ” OH you can’t do this” ”No you can forget it” ”You? oh…. please stop dreaming”

Somewhat Personal Experience…..

Can u imagine that these kinda things where sometimes things that people used to throw at me when I started talking about my dream? Can u imagine that there were sometimes people in my life who would only throw up rocks on my way, rather than clearing my path and helping me a little bit?

And if this is you, if people just spit on your dream to become I don’t know the best online marketer ever, or to become the best preacher in the world. The best content writer, the best movie maker. The best… Whatever. Let them talk… Let them talk they don’t know what they are saying.

Geen alternatieve tekst opgegeven voor deze afbeelding

Because I don’t know where you are up to, But your idea is unique! And absolutely awesome!

A mindset of successful people is not one of negative criticizing…

Success begins with you. If you can only criticize people, and talk people down. It is exactly what life will give you back. Because what you sow is what you will reap.

Your success starts there where you’ll start to encourage others to never stop dreaming and taking action to achieve their dreams, It won’t be a rich overnight path. But take in mind the positive words you spread today can mean the biggest step for someone tomorrow.

And that’ll find its way back to you

What you Sow is what you’ll reap, Where do you want to be in 2024?

A message for my Audience.

Hey there! I’m glad that you are reading again, I’m reading through the comments and I still feel very blessed with such an amazing audience!

I once again want to thank u for all the support that I see here on my website, It’s a motivator to keep on writing, I see a lot of comments everywhere on personal development blog posts like: Add value and it’ll come back to you as well as on business blog posts like : business in action part 2. Also I want to let you know once again that I’m reading through all of your comments.

I am doing my very best to reply all your comments!

So I thought for the inspiration to write the next blog post I want to ask my encouraging audience to vote. Because the best come’s from the audience! So in the search of inspiration I’m just curious what kind of blog posts would you like to see on this website?

Personally I like to share anything that pops up in my mind these are things that are more personal development related, business or earning options related. Because just like you I am doing my best to get closer to my goal.

So let’s vote!

Let me know!


Ignore the I can’t,turn it into I can!

I decided to write an encouraging motivating blog post again mixed with something of my own life experience I’ll show you how I apply it in a situation that’s pretty recent for me. I love transparency so I also want to share something with you from my personal life.

Distance yourself from toxicity

You know it, those people who don’t have anything good to say, everything where you show enthusiasm about gets a negative respond. Or you want to reach sudden goals, and you imagine day after day how you’ll be there one day.

At the end of the rainbow there is your goal and that what you want to achieve

And all that toxicity says is : No you’ll never reach your goal, and you never have the possibility to get there. Words are strong and can sometime’s hurt us in a an awful way. But today i want to motivate you to stop believing those words and realise your worth today, because what they say about you isn’t true.

Don’t let the toxicity kill your dreams

Don’t forget to apply this everyday you wake up!

Let your first thoughts be in the morning, I am going to achieve success to matter what and nothing is going to stop me.

Say this a few times to yourself, and mediate about it. With meditating about I mean activate your mind, to be ready for what you dream about. Because you’ll need a lot of courage and a strong mindset to achieve your goals. Even I, you don’t know how many times I hear in my life from people who think that they know better, The top ten why not to achieve what I have in mind.

A personal story and how I apply the talk,

This is gonna be very random, The reason why share this is to show in what kind of situation and these are just one of the many things I’m into. BUT, I’m gonna share a story about my LDR( Long Distance Relationship).

I remember that it all began in november 2018 the month that I felt in love with my now fiancé living in bali. I took immediately action and decided I wanted to see her in real, so later on in January I wanted to celebrate new year with her. So I went to see her and everything was pretty perfect. ( watch this video)

The first time I ever met her in Janaury, Despite what they said I dared to make the first step!

What is the point of sharing this story with us?

The point of sharing this story is, because believe me as soon as I was back in the Netherlands, It all began, friends, family. Judging me, coming up with the top ten about why this is absolutely not a good idea.

And not a lot of people around me who supported me. I stood all alone in this story, I learned how to keep strong, how to achieve what I believe in during the hard times.

Because believe me beside’s the fact that I realise that I entered a challenging path. I refused to give up, no matter the hard times, Cultural differences, difficulties and so on. I refused to give up, so I worked hard and I went to see her again. And it turned out that in August we were even engaged.

And here you see a video of me and my sisters, Where we were finally engaged.

So you see, even I went through difficulties, and now in this time that I’m working on it to blog full time, So that we can ever close the distance, I don’t give up, no matter the hard times. Yes the coronavirus also hits us that hard, the airports are closed, and we planned to do a meet up in the Netherlands, but that’s also gonna be hard for this year.

But I say no the the naysayers, and I say see you later to discouragement. Hard times? I still choose to be a winner.

And through the hard times I work on my goals. And will be proud one day that i didn’t listen to those who said It’ll never be possible.

I hope that this inspired you to go for your goals no matter the circumstances. I see you in the next post!

An option that’s hopefully worth it~!

Hey I’m glad to have you here again, This blog is about an option that I encounter , I write about this just so that u can check it out if it works for your as well. Shout out to my loving audience who encourages me, I need that especially in these hard times, I’m most grateful

Serving the web and earning at the same time

I encountered a website that maybe has a good earning option, Something that you can grow over time, But it’s called brave browser This blog is a test blog to see if you really like this free browser and it blocks thousands of adds. And beside’s that who doesn’t like it to browse and earn and the same time?

It’s all free don’t worry no hidden fees, the only thing that u have to do is click the link, And just enjoy brave browsing. ( or click the image down below).

This is random encouraging blog posts and than this random post?

Yes my dear loving audience, Sometime’s I love it to share some options that I encounter to build a small supplying income, because I believe that it ain’t bad to have multiple streams of income.

You can earn with this browser through the ads that you are going to see, you only have to connect an uphold wallet. And later on you can change the bath currency that u earn into dollars or euro’s or rupiah’s whatever you have.

So that is the story about brave browser. I’ll show you in the imagine down below a little bit how it looks like, I just recently downloaded this browser, so as you can see my earning are still very low. BUT, I would encourage everybody to see if it works out for you as well.

Because through time your earnings will grow, just surf a lot and grow your earnings with brave!

This is a little bit how it looks

This was my blog about brave browser it’s quit new, But when you are browsing with the brave browser you’ll find out how it works. So this is another option that I encounter, if I’ll find out more opportunities to earn money with this browser I’ll let you know! Stay tuned.

One day you’ll stand at the top of the mountain,And say ”Finally I did it”

How do you write good content?

Hey there! I’m glad to have you here again, It’s super motivating to see your comments, Especially in this time. I believe that we need to motivate each other in this weird time, so that we spread the positive vibe of reaching our goals our dream life.

Good content begins with something that’s of you, your niche, your idea. It’s always good before you begin to write your content that you have a good idea of how your content is gonna look like. Write a few words that are aligned with the topic, So what I do personal development, Motivating. Idea: ”A blog that gives some tips on people how to write good content”.

What’s gonna be your story?

Am I going to write content that’s focused on struggles? Or what solution is found in your content. You write your content and somewhere in the whole story people find solutions. Or you are write interesting content to promote a certain kind of product. Or you write to share something of your life.

Next what i do and that’s what you can also see in my articles i try to add some images that really connect with the text that I write. Or it adds something that’s adding value to the content that you write. Or it’s giving a little bit color to the article that’s also possible.

Your article is a journey

Your article is a journey it starts with an introduction and it’s heads slowly to the topic, in the middle it’s a bridge and at the end you want to make sure that people leave with the idea ”That was pretty interesting I’m coming back” ” That was unique I’m gonna share it”.

Your content is a Journey and at the end of the bridge there is value

Don’t write to write

Yes, this sounds a little bit weird i know, but don’t write to write. Because that takes a lot of energy, It’s more writing to write, so you are actually gathering a lot of words, and for what? Does it have a purpose? So write when you are about to add something interesting, or something that’s your thing, by example something new about your brand, you can do all kind of things.

If you know the why you know the how, And if you know the how……

It’s true when you begin to write your content that you need to begin the why, Why for who. Begin with a couple of words, Write it down on paper and start to connect some words. Let’s do an example, connect words.

The example of a first set up to write your content

Let’s do an example you are about to write content about the health niche, What’s the first thing that you have in mind when you are writing content about the health niche.

  • Healthy food
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Healthy sports
  • Healthy body
  • Type’s of healthy foods
  • How to change your lifestyle
  • What kind of sports can you do
  • How does a healthy body look like
  • Images related to the content

And so forth, When you have these kind of things written down on paper, you can start to make an article. Because now you have found out the How, and the why is gonna be, because you are ( by example) good in writing content about the health niche, and it adds value to people, who are struggling to get this right.

They have probably done it before, but they are still searching for a solution which they are gonna find in your content.

Then next you are gonna use a website to add images, a lot of free images you can always get from pixabay I always use it for my blogs.

Beside’s that there are a lot of other websites that offer free images to use for your website. And use it the right way, this is a little bit trying to see what fits in the text you write. A good example won’t be don’t use a fat hamburger when you are writing about healthy food. That’s it for now! More posts are on their way.

And once again I’m gonna write it don’t give up in the process called growth, Serious it’s maybe difficult if you are seeing little results in the beginning but trust in what you are doing, and long term it’ll be rewarded. I’m sure that in each of you hides a super hero, to your success!