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Don’t stop at the ”Traffic Light”

Goodmorning, Goodafternoon,Goodevening.

No matter at what time you are reading this but you are reading this, that’s right this is going to be a blog to encourage you, it doesn’t matter if you are a starter, or if you already have a business. Or if you are a entrepreneur for many years or you just started from scratch. This is for everybody who is in the journey, and still on their way to live the life they always wanted to live!

I love to use examples of daily life, and a little bit mix them in my motivational blogs! Good today i cycled a lot, I might have gone a little bit to far but yes, i arrived in the Netherlands, back from my journey to indonesia. As i was cycling to Amsterdam a few hours after i arrived, to met up with one of my best friends. I faced some traffic lights on the way to Amsterdam. So what has this to do with business? wait i’m not done yet. So as i faced some red traffic light’s ( don’t call the police right now haha), i waited for a pretty long time, and i ask myself: ”Why am i waiting? What is holding me back, no car is driving on the road i should just go”.

I skipped the red traffic light and just cycled, i didn’t wait for orange or green, i just cycled, yes there were some risks, yes a car could probably hit me. But my choice was to skip that red light and just cycle and just believe!

So here it comes business related advice, How often does this situation occur in our business, with that plan that your wrote but you never work it out, with that thought to scale your business but you never do it, Because you are waiting on for the traffic light to be green so that you can walk. Well… You can wait in a long time but it’s sad to tell you but the traffic light won’t change from red to green.

It happens to often that we don’t walk the talk, and we don’t take action. We don’t work our our goals in our business, or side business or that one e book that you are writing that FB Ads Agency that you were about to launch, all because you are scared for the car to hit you down, you are scared to take the leap of faith and you don’t believe in what you are doing, so the whole dream become’s a vague fairy tale. Nice that it has been told, but no action no gain.

If this is you, please! Take action and change, don’t be afraid to fail, because if you fail you’ll fail forward and use the mistakes to learn from them and optimize your business or plan. Take that leap of faith and don’t be scared to scale your business just because you are in front of the traffic light and waiting for it to be green. Skip Red! maybe it’s your turn to go beyond the comfort zone.

Make the change in your mindset, it might be a little bit scary at the first time, but later you’ll know how you can train your mind to be successful.

My Wish is your breakthrough in your life! Keep spirit and good luck!

And don’t forget your journey starts today!

The Internet is at your feet!

So that’s a weird title to start a blog with, which i can definitely understand but it is true, so many people close their eyes for all the options that are available today. There are so many options out there today!

if you give up, your destiny is already set, if you continue you’ll win

~ Digital nomad on fire, Created to be free !
You are created to be free

Wow. I’m grateful for a platform called the internet it helps u escaping your 9 to 5 path. And my real honest advice when you are about to leave the 9-5 rat race. Have a plan to face your goal, but face your goals consistently.

One mission, Escape the grind! GO FOR IT

It means even when there are trials and difficulties that you face, that you need to move and make progress. So while you are walking don’t give up and aim for your goals. It’s 90% focus and 10% Of your input , well actually… More than that. Let’s be real a lot of people think, get rich by just one click on the button. If this is you, please play a computer game again, do something that’s doable but stop reading this blog. That sounds hard for a motivator to say, but i’m real with people u wont find anything that’ll bring you overnight success. BUT you’ll find things that will bring you long term success actually. So what to do ?

Success! What are you going to do about it today ?

That is a pretty good question, i would answer it myself like this, find something your good at! Find something you are really passionate about, something i like to do is writing when i’m in a good mood what is most of the times the case, Or i get random inspiration during the day i love to write a blog to motivate my readers. So let’s sum up something that you can do to earn money online on internet

  1. Monetize your Blog
  2. Selling Fast and easy with Salehoo ( Scale FAST and EFFECTIVE) It’s the perfect tool to optimize your sales, and to make progress fast!
  3. Make money With Amazon, using Instazon Very Interesting if you want to start in the E commerce brand!
  4. Get Paid in Money, by filling in surveys and sign up at Goldopinions
  5. Make amazing landing pages at low costs with Pitchmagic
  6. IF you love writing like i do Turn your passions into business and sign up for Scqrible and make your own E book!
  7. Make money with youtube! Without even filming, How do that? Right here

So actually we see that there are enough options to earn money online! Find your passions and turn your passion into a business, but take action today! Because tomorrow may be to late…..

Explaining the options

Option number 1 is about monetizing your blogs, there are many ways to monetize your blogs, but one way that i can explain is adsense it’s pretty interesting. You earn through advertising, so advertisers are actually bidding to promote ads on your blog how cool is that? This can be done through word ads. You can also choose to make your own product and promote it via your blogs. You can use different traffic sources to drive traffic to your blog, Google adsense, using the right key words, free traffic by promoting your blogs on Facebook, twitter, pinterest. Be consistent and try to write a blog every day!

Number 2 is very good for if you want to make as many sales as you can, with salehoo, it’s a tool for dropshipppers, people who are active in the e commerce brand. They that want to find high converting products. And those that want to bring their business to the next level.

Number 3 Is a very nice option for people who want to use affiliate marketing to earn money online, or want to combine e commerce with affiliate marketing. Instazon teaches you how to get there. And how to make money with amazon, amazon is a platform that’s being used by millions of people, and they all seem to be successful with amazon so why don’t you take the option today? And start earning!

Number 4 Requires just as number 1 and 2 work. Because once again, no work means no earnings. So working online is pretty normal, sign up for gold opinions because they pay you out in cash. There are many options that you can choose, get paid on visa card, or get paid on a mastercard. And you can even get paid on paypal, the only thing is that it takes time, and signing up for as many as survey sites that you can, But it has earning potential.

Number 5 is super handy if you are into affiliate marketing, or selling things also in the e commerce brand. Because the first impression of your customer is what counts, This is a very good drag and drop system, 90% done for you and 10% input of you!

Number 6 is more if you are good in writing, and writing ebooks is really your passion, than short but simple you can turn your passions into business

And the last option is number 7 ! Also very simple, make money with youtube without even making video’s how awesome is that ? is it possible or not ? You can check it all out in youtubesecrets 😉 Go ahead and have a look!

This was my second business blog, Don’t forget your journey starts today!

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