A new chapter in my life has begun

Since a month I’m living in a new room new life new love also, And until now it’s all going pretty well, in the past months i didn’t had a lot of time to write also, this was due to a lot of stress things that where going on in my life about my past relationship that weren’t going so well actually.

So from up today I’m gonna write articles again, personal development related opportunities that I see to earn money online. Random stories it’ll be a sharing everything blog. Life and mind stories as well this I will share because so many things in life is just pure mindset really….

And one of the things I want to share is don’t cry over things that aren’t worth crying about. Look we have a short time on this earth. It’s not said that we are going to be one hundred years, or maybe older as 70 or 80. And this is a total new article, that I write to express what I also have learned the past years.

Use time to develop yourself as well as to grow and live full

Time is a valuable coin maybe more important than money. Because there will always be a simple way to earn money. U sell your bike and you have money. You sell all your books and you have money. Super… But what about time? Can you earn time back? no…. And that’s the thing that past years has been learning me.

Because I have been losing myself to much, in work. In saying yes where I wanted to say no, in losing someone that is very important to me pure because my toxic partner wanted that. So… that is what can happen when somebody claims your time.

And now that there is some piece in my life with a non toxic partner someone that has the best intentions with me. I must say that i slowly start to recognize how much things I missed in my life. To enjoy, to wonder how amazing this world is the nature and how it is created

I am who I am And I think as I think

Are you free of toxicity already? or from the ties or the chains in your life?

After so many things i see now how important it is, to do a check up with your life, Is it still healthy what I am doing? Am I getting happy from what I do? What do I really want in my life what are my goals?

And maybe even more important am I familiar with the fact that I am amazing. And that everything is already inside of me, and that I already have what I need to know to make this life pretty good. And one last thing…….. ( see image)

Are there still things in your life that u need to let go?

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