Hey there! I’m glad that you guys are back again, I have been thinking about something that has been bothering me. I was reading a quote and it said; There is always a way to make money but u can never earn time back. And that made me think…Describes time versus moneyThe most interesting thing is to find time combined with finances.

The great question is how to find an opportunity like that?

I have been thinking about this lately, and the answer is how to find both enough time and the finances for it. And that is to educate yourself, at least that is what I try to do.

Because I begin to ask myself; at the end of my life, Do I want to think; I wish I had done this and that also and this. Or do I want to say whatever is coming next I am ready I lived life to the fullest.

And living life to the fullest or at last living the life that u imagine is something where u need to think about. Because right now I am also a work in progress. Because I am definitely still not where I want to be… I am in the freaking Netherlands, sorry for that guys haha…..

. I love this country but sorry I want to travel to Indonesia to live a life there with my fiancé

Steps to get ahead step by step

There is always a step one needed to get ahead, and this sounds very simple. The time that you have to use it to educate yourself. So step one I just share some examples with you guys and it sounds weird but, step one search on youtube one of these.

Make money with writing, how to make money through selling digital products.

These things you do by example after your coffee instead of Netflix( i also watch sometimes but not that much)

I invite you also to install a Binance app on your mobile and to visit the website. Make an account through my link and educate yourself about the trading market, through an account on binance you can learn how to trade with the free binance academy

Sign up via;


And please remember a few things,

  • Life is not better at the other side
  • Everything is possible
  • Being rich begins with yourself
  • Use wealth for the good in this world
Thanks for reading once again!

If you want drop a donation whatever u like is appreciated, I still want to go to my fiancé to do beautiful things with her there in Indonesia. I know that some friends of us there don’t have a big wallet so when I’m there I hope to can help them.


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