Adding value and It’ll come back

Hello my fellows! I’m super glad to read your supporting comments, it helps me with a positive boost. To write a new blog post!. This time I want to share a result of adding value and it’ll come back to you.

First of all I want to thank for the first donation

A friend of me and that is really adding value and it’ll come back to you, was always in troubles. Well troubles.. he shared his life with me and I gave him advice. And he knows about my story also and he decided to support me!

To respect the privacy of this friend I marked his name Translation ; This person just donated 10 euro

So these are one of the things where I am grateful for support, And that is when u add value and it comes back to you. This friend knows about my dream to live in the future in bali. So I write a short article to thank this friend.

Because it’s amazing that he supports me, because in short I’m fighting hard right now on the moment to fix the future for me and my fiancĂ©. So all the support is more than welcome.

What you give comes back to you

Everything that you do will find its way back to you, it’s all about the intension and why you do things. And if things are meant to be blessed they are meant to be blessed. As long as you put efforts in those blessings.

Because I see way to much people approaching dreams and goals with an at ease mindset. ”oh tomorrow” ”oh I will find it later”. `But my friend if that is your mindset, life itself will also be at ease with you.

Which means that it’ll never happen. Action is the key, and when you fail, try to fail forward. It doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you try it’s good enough!

Financial support

If you love to support me during the journey that would be great, Give with an honest heart. That means don’t feel pushed to give anything but just give with the right intension. Bless u guys , via my paypal link u can support with anything you like. For my dream to go to Bali! Thanks in advance

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