Adding Value is important!

Hey there! after reading a lot of comments, I decided to write a new blog post about the issue add value and it’ll come back to you, a blog where I want to open your eyes and let you realise your self worth , and hopefully this young man of 25 years old that wants to make his move to bali can create a better world with his blog posts

For the person you teach a lesson,

We can send wisdom and receive wisdom, we can teach a lesson and receive value. The value you receive lies in the momentum that you share your knowledge with the person in matter. And the value will live on because that what you share, will be multiplied.

And that is the reason dear reader why you should never underestimate the power of sharing your value.

So what kind of value you carry and what can you add to a person? Take a look around you and see what you can add.

And never underestimate that what’s already been given to you. Think about this for a second.

Endless opporunities

What are your talents and where are u good at?

What is the value that you can provide in your business or company, and what can u take to the next level. It’s always good to expand your talents and your knowledge. And explore new opportunities.

Why I write about this? Because as you know or maybe don’t know, I want to set my final course to bali to marry there with my fiancé. So I know what challenges are, and I know what it is to be committed to something ,that definitely costs a lot of energy and time.

Commitment will be rewarded

Finally I want to add some lasts words to this post, The road of commitment can be sometimes a lonely road. In my life just a hand or one finger full of people understand what I’m doing. The rest is not supportive at all. So yes most of the things I’m doing that all alone.

But I know the day that I have reached my goal I will smile and shout: What?! I can never do that? It’ll never work! See me standing on the mountain. So whatever you do it with passion.

Financial support

If you want to support me during these time’s, I’m fine with everything that you give from your heart. Every gift that you gift is a support for the journey in bali.

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