An Update and a new blog post!

Hey there! I want to update you guys, I hope you are well, I bear with you during these hard times ofcourse! Because the coronavirus isnt’t easy for us all, some of us have lost their job. And some are struggling to get through the month.

Be the real warrior also in the hard time’s

Whatever you go through don’t give up the hope because this won’t last forever, for people who have dreams continue to chase them! Because if you want something you should chase your dreams also in the hard times, actually those hard time’s teach you to be a real warrior!

Remember the book writer of harry the wizard? Well her books got a least more than ten time’s rejected. Until one day the kid of an important ceo started to read the book. Did she ever predict that?

What I actually try to say is that so many talented people, are just sitting by. Or people with dreams are just lacking in motivation…

There is always plenty of money but not plenty of time…

~ There are thousand ways to earn money and time

Thinking ”oh why does this happen to me” or ” Oh it’ll never get better I just need to accept that, that’s not the spirit.

So while there is more out there, or while there is more inside you accept the fact That you deny that there are several ways leading to Rome.?

Are you already doing what it takes?

So do whatever it takes maybe it’s a complicated road that you are taking maybe it’s a lonely road. Wherever you go through do things to the max.

Because I do my best, I fight for my goals so a 41 hours in the week I spend on fighting for my goals to get what I want, and believe me no one out there who says; Hey angelo you are such a nice guy I will give u a helping hand. Ofcourse there are people who support me, it’s not a super lonely road. But it’s just a hand full of people, one hand not more maybe 4 people … That’s it …..

What are you doing with your time?

Time and talents combined how would this be ?

Take a break to review and rewrite some plans

I mean let me say this it’s also good that while you are fighting for your goals to also take a break that is totally logic .

Take time to rewrite some goals or wishes that you have in life. Maybe life is taking a side road. Rewrite your plans so that you can also still move on that side road.

But don’t settle for less. There is so much more, than just an average life.

With this word i hope to encourage a lot of people especially people from my age or above. I hope just to touch anyone,

This blog I also wrote so that you guys know that I’m doing my best to update my blog when I have time!

financially support if you want.

Copy and paste this link and support with any kind of amount that u wish, 2 or 4 euro’s doesn’t matter as long as it comes from your heart guys! I’m saving to go to bali after the borders will re open again.


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