Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there dear audience! I’m glad to have you here again!, Checking the comments frequently, I notice that a lot of you think that If they comment that the website is eating their comments. Well that’s actually not true,

The comments are first filtered, so they first arrive in the spam box. Since there are a lot of scammers out there, who promote things that i just don ‘t want to see on my website. Like by example, ” We are sponsors who can sponsor you with ten thousand euro” You only have to click this link bla bla bla”.

So I approve comments from real people, and not from robots.

What is ?

It’s a website where you can find informative articles that are personal development related, And motivational related. I write business blog posts. Since a short time I’m also on instagram, Sharing quotes and thoughts.

On this website I’ll also in the future create an option so you can advertise on my page. And probably we can hopefully work together!

Until then I hope that every article that i write here may enrich your life



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