Make This year one to remember

Hey there! I’m glad to have you here once again! So we are in the middle of 2020, And I admit with all honesty in my heart, It’s freaking turbelent. The coronacrisis is really presence. I got a lotta things on my own plate also, 2020 Is like a storm!

Look to the opportunities and go for it

One of the most difficult things when yo go though a challenging year, Full of ups and downs.

Is to find the strength or the motivation the search for opportunities. But nevertheless I also face challenges in my own life, believe me beside’s my building up my blog I also have a part time job It’s sometimes pretty stressful.

But my goal is to take this blog to a full time business, It’s all a step by step process but as long as you are making steps that’s important. Educate yourself by learning a new skill, And find as much as information as you can and use it.

Maybe there is a youtuber inside of you try to do that, Or maybe there is big marketer in you find out how you can turn that into income.

Let’s support each other especially now

Is it possible to support each other with a comment? Let’s do that. Is it possible to support each other by sharing some things? Lend a helping hand. Support a business if you can. Do you have help in monetization? help!

Research yourself,

How weird it may sound, check your self, What’s stopping you right now from doing things that you actually love? What’s holding you back from the thought that you can actually achieve more than you think? And do you have a plan in mind? See for yourself where you have set the limitations. Remove toxicity, create a clean space around you.

Share your dreams only with people who know how to support you

Also there is another thing that I learned, Don’t share your dreams with people who don’t support you. Please don’t do that, if you see a trap don’t fall for it. If you know that they are gonna talk you down don’t talk about it.

Because you’ll only be more disappointed, and it doesn’t add anything to the goals that you want to achieve.

I like people who add to each other it’s one of the reasons, that i created the page followers of nobody has joined the facebook page yet but if you have some time try to find this page on facebook.


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