Affirm and change your reality

I’m glad that you are reading again! This going to be an article that’s personal development related, Something that you can hopefully also apply in your own life. It’s a little bit law of attraction minded. It’s a sort of new try out I hope that you’ll enjoy this

Our mind can be so easily distracted or be influenced by the wrong kind of energies, We can experience this in our current situation, in our work, in our business.. I hope this article helps u a little bit or gives u some tools on how to get rid of the same kind of discouraged mindset, and how to adapt a winners mindset.

Reprogram your mind for abudance

This can sometime’s be a somewhat tough thing to do, It sounds easy just affirm it and that’s it. While in daily life we can experience so much struggles in relationship to our goals or our dream life. We fill our mind with how bad it is that we are not there where we want to be.

Instead of that we replace our complaints with gratitude, and that’s how we reprogram the mind to live a life in abundance.

A few examples

What not to affirm.

”Oh today is gonna be heavy again I know that I am gonna meet nagging cusomters”

What to affirm.

I’m so happy and grateful that I still have a job and that i can provide in all my needs and that each customer teaches me a lesson”

What not to affirm

”I am never gonna achieve my dream life I have don ‘t have the skills and the money it’s gonna be difficult and hard and I’ll never achieve what I want”

What to affirm

”Everyday I’m getting closer to my goal, I’ll develop the skills to earn the money, that I need to get there. ”I already have the strength to get there, And I will definitely achieve what I want”

Change the start of your day and the end.

If you change the start you’ll be able to change the end of your day. If you develop your skills to change your mind and your perspective of the day. In the beginning you’ll struggle through this process.

Especially if you have been in a cycle of a negative thinking pattern it’ll be quit challenging. That’s exactly why this is a step by step process. But do it and you’ll see unexpected results.

Share your progress with supportive people

This is so important, If you tell your plans and progress to people who absolutely don’t support you and your idea. You’ll find yourself talking to a wall. And that’s not what you want. You want to share your idea with people who actually are wiling to help you.

By example this is a situation that you absolutely don’t want.

You : ”I have a plan to start an online business, It’s gonna be a big blog page where people can buy articles that will change their lives. Or I’m gonna start my own designer store or my own brand.

Response : ”You? Nobody is gonna buy anything from you, You can never do that because you are so far behind on your competitors. Whenever you start one you’ll never make it in the online business world”

That is toxic…

A situation that would fit better and that you would want.

You : ”I have a plan to start an online business, It’s gonna be a big blog page where people can buy articles that will change their lives. Or I’m gonna start my own designer store or my own brand

Response : Great! What’s your idea? What are you going to do ? And how can I help to make it work? It’s gonna change lives? Alright can I share it or ?

You are going to start your own designer store ? I have some connection let me introduce you to these people that can help you in this process.

You see the difference ? That’s it for now ! More content is on the way stay tuned!

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