Where do you want to be in 2024?

Hey there dear audience! I’m having a very supportive audience, It’s amazing to have such a audience. It keeps me on the writers path, and motivates me to share whatever I consider as valuable, Let’s dive into a fresh new article where it is all about where do you want to be in 2024 and more.

The what if’s that make it so difficult

So welcome once again, in this fresh new article that more personal development related. These days everybody is surrounded by covid 19 problems. There is happening a lot in the world. But I am sure that better time’s are about to come.

And when better time’s come. You want yourself to see doing what? You want to achieve what? Some of you already have the answer deep inside of you, but you are struggling with the what if’s.

Thoughts become reality you need a goal!

If you are doubting a lot or worrying a lot, Life’ll give you back more of the same.

~ Digitalnomadonfire.blog

First of all, it’s important to realise that you need to have a goal in mind, because without goals you’ll find yourself running into a maze. An endless maze without any kind of destination can be a motivation killer. Because you’ll ask yourself one day, for what or who am I doing this? ( Answer this question before you continue to read)

If you know this, you can start to continue with how am I going to get there. And once you know how to get there. The most difficult thing may be, is taking action.

You’ll maybe start doubting,Can I do this? Or maybe there are toxic voices around you saying ” OH you can’t do this” ”No you can forget it” ”You? oh…. please stop dreaming”

Somewhat Personal Experience…..

Can u imagine that these kinda things where sometimes things that people used to throw at me when I started talking about my dream? Can u imagine that there were sometimes people in my life who would only throw up rocks on my way, rather than clearing my path and helping me a little bit?

And if this is you, if people just spit on your dream to become I don’t know the best online marketer ever, or to become the best preacher in the world. The best content writer, the best movie maker. The best… Whatever. Let them talk… Let them talk they don’t know what they are saying.

Because I don’t know where you are up to, But your idea is unique! And absolutely awesome!

A mindset of successful people is not one of negative criticizing…

Success begins with you. If you can only criticize people, and talk people down. It is exactly what life will give you back. Because what you sow is what you will reap.

Your success starts there where you’ll start to encourage others to never stop dreaming and taking action to achieve their dreams, It won’t be a rich overnight path. But take in mind the positive words you spread today can mean the biggest step for someone tomorrow.

And that’ll find its way back to you

What you Sow is what you’ll reap, Where do you want to be in 2024?

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