Ignore the I can’t,turn it into I can!

I decided to write an encouraging motivating blog post again mixed with something of my own life experience I’ll show you how I apply it in a situation that’s pretty recent for me. I love transparency so I also want to share something with you from my personal life.

Distance yourself from toxicity

You know it, those people who don’t have anything good to say, everything where you show enthusiasm about gets a negative respond. Or you want to reach sudden goals, and you imagine day after day how you’ll be there one day.

At the end of the rainbow there is your goal and that what you want to achieve

And all that toxicity says is : No you’ll never reach your goal, and you never have the possibility to get there. Words are strong and can sometime’s hurt us in a an awful way. But today i want to motivate you to stop believing those words and realise your worth today, because what they say about you isn’t true.

Don’t let the toxicity kill your dreams

Don’t forget to apply this everyday you wake up!

Let your first thoughts be in the morning, I am going to achieve success to matter what and nothing is going to stop me.

Say this a few times to yourself, and mediate about it. With meditating about I mean activate your mind, to be ready for what you dream about. Because you’ll need a lot of courage and a strong mindset to achieve your goals. Even I, you don’t know how many times I hear in my life from people who think that they know better, The top ten why not to achieve what I have in mind.

A personal story and how I apply the talk,

This is gonna be very random, The reason why share this is to show in what kind of situation and these are just one of the many things I’m into. BUT, I’m gonna share a story about my LDR( Long Distance Relationship).

I remember that it all began in november 2018 the month that I felt in love with my now fiancé living in bali. I took immediately action and decided I wanted to see her in real, so later on in January I wanted to celebrate new year with her. So I went to see her and everything was pretty perfect. ( watch this video)

The first time I ever met her in Janaury, Despite what they said I dared to make the first step!

What is the point of sharing this story with us?

The point of sharing this story is, because believe me as soon as I was back in the Netherlands, It all began, friends, family. Judging me, coming up with the top ten about why this is absolutely not a good idea.

And not a lot of people around me who supported me. I stood all alone in this story, I learned how to keep strong, how to achieve what I believe in during the hard times.

Because believe me beside’s the fact that I realise that I entered a challenging path. I refused to give up, no matter the hard times, Cultural differences, difficulties and so on. I refused to give up, so I worked hard and I went to see her again. And it turned out that in August we were even engaged.

And here you see a video of me and my sisters, Where we were finally engaged.

So you see, even I went through difficulties, and now in this time that I’m working on it to blog full time, So that we can ever close the distance, I don’t give up, no matter the hard times. Yes the coronavirus also hits us that hard, the airports are closed, and we planned to do a meet up in the Netherlands, but that’s also gonna be hard for this year.

But I say no the the naysayers, and I say see you later to discouragement. Hard times? I still choose to be a winner.

And through the hard times I work on my goals. And will be proud one day that i didn’t listen to those who said It’ll never be possible.

I hope that this inspired you to go for your goals no matter the circumstances. I see you in the next post!

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