How do you write good content?

Hey there! I’m glad to have you here again, It’s super motivating to see your comments, Especially in this time. I believe that we need to motivate each other in this weird time, so that we spread the positive vibe of reaching our goals our dream life.

Good content begins with something that’s of you, your niche, your idea. It’s always good before you begin to write your content that you have a good idea of how your content is gonna look like. Write a few words that are aligned with the topic, So what I do personal development, Motivating. Idea: ”A blog that gives some tips on people how to write good content”.

What’s gonna be your story?

Am I going to write content that’s focused on struggles? Or what solution is found in your content. You write your content and somewhere in the whole story people find solutions. Or you are write interesting content to promote a certain kind of product. Or you write to share something of your life.

Next what i do and that’s what you can also see in my articles i try to add some images that really connect with the text that I write. Or it adds something that’s adding value to the content that you write. Or it’s giving a little bit color to the article that’s also possible.

Your article is a journey

Your article is a journey it starts with an introduction and it’s heads slowly to the topic, in the middle it’s a bridge and at the end you want to make sure that people leave with the idea ”That was pretty interesting I’m coming back” ” That was unique I’m gonna share it”.

Your content is a Journey and at the end of the bridge there is value

Don’t write to write

Yes, this sounds a little bit weird i know, but don’t write to write. Because that takes a lot of energy, It’s more writing to write, so you are actually gathering a lot of words, and for what? Does it have a purpose? So write when you are about to add something interesting, or something that’s your thing, by example something new about your brand, you can do all kind of things.

If you know the why you know the how, And if you know the how……

It’s true when you begin to write your content that you need to begin the why, Why for who. Begin with a couple of words, Write it down on paper and start to connect some words. Let’s do an example, connect words.

The example of a first set up to write your content

Let’s do an example you are about to write content about the health niche, What’s the first thing that you have in mind when you are writing content about the health niche.

  • Healthy food
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Healthy sports
  • Healthy body
  • Type’s of healthy foods
  • How to change your lifestyle
  • What kind of sports can you do
  • How does a healthy body look like
  • Images related to the content

And so forth, When you have these kind of things written down on paper, you can start to make an article. Because now you have found out the How, and the why is gonna be, because you are ( by example) good in writing content about the health niche, and it adds value to people, who are struggling to get this right.

They have probably done it before, but they are still searching for a solution which they are gonna find in your content.

Then next you are gonna use a website to add images, a lot of free images you can always get from pixabay I always use it for my blogs.

Beside’s that there are a lot of other websites that offer free images to use for your website. And use it the right way, this is a little bit trying to see what fits in the text you write. A good example won’t be don’t use a fat hamburger when you are writing about healthy food. That’s it for now! More posts are on their way.

And once again I’m gonna write it don’t give up in the process called growth, Serious it’s maybe difficult if you are seeing little results in the beginning but trust in what you are doing, and long term it’ll be rewarded. I’m sure that in each of you hides a super hero, to your success!

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