Small investments make sense

Hey there! I’m glad to have you here, once again I want to shout out to a great encouraging audience, I read your comments and I want to add that you don’t go unnoticed, I believe that encouraging each other and add positive comments that it helps in this time of emergencies going on, and a variety of difficult situations.

A word of encouragement

We are heading on today to a article that’s all about small investments make sense first of all I would like to start with a word of encouragement, In these times, things might be a kind of uncertain. Or maybe you are struggling inside of your mind or you are getting discouraged by the people around you.

This can lead sometimes to giving up, it is what happens when we begin to believe in what people say about us, we are pushed into their negativity. And we believe again in the words where we came from, from the first very beginning ”aa yes see… it is true it’s never gonna work out” ”oh no I’m indeed a ….”.

Stop believing those!!!! Whatever people say about you, they look up to you. They never thought about the plan you are planning, or they might be jealous because you are so passionate. You have something that they don’t have, so they need you in order to be happy. Because if people drive you nuts, they want you to be low. So that you cant be seen anymore, and so that they can be seen instead of you. From up today, Stop believing everything that is totally not related to you.

Ask yourself, is this true? Does it add value to me? Is it really something I do? If you can answer no on all these questions. You are already set and you can continue your business. Don’t let anybody turn you to the point of self doubt if you are on the road to achieve your dreams. That’s my word of encouragement for you!

To your success!

Small investments work!

Sometimes we might not be in the position to big investments, and we might think like ”How am i ever gonna make it without the big investments” ”How can this work because…” Think in solutions today we are gonna leave the word because. I mean the because in a negative way, we are gonna turn it into something that might work.

Great how is my small investment going to make a change?

In the previous post i already tried to add some value, by explaining the concept of boosting a post. By as little as 4 dollars and you would think, that doesn’t make any sense at all. But it does make sense when by example I’m gonna show you what I mean by using an example of my own facebook page..

After u have set up your page, u can choose to boost a post, I share my blogs on my page so example one, I want to share my last blog post than is this a little bit what I do.

Step 1. My last post well from the fb free traffic that i have i have two readers wooohoo, yippiee. But it it’s not the amount of traffic i want, I want more people to see it, but I only have some small investments. What are the steps that I’m going to take?

Select the option boost your post.

Step 2. Click on boost post and select the option send people to your website

Select this option ( sidenote u must have a paypal account that’s attached to your facebook)

Step 3, Create a page button and give it a name that attracts attention, So that your audience knows the right direction to your website, For now you select the option sign up. Later u can change it into something like ”’Be welcome” ”Be my guest” ” or something u like.

Click on the option Sign up later u can change this button.

Step 4. You can if you want select the special ad category, But this is more for when you are into real estate, or loans, or if you are offering people a job. So we are skipping this option, We are immediately heading to the audience that you are going to target. My blogs are written in English so maybe I want people from the U.S to see my blog. But maybe I also like to show it to people in Australia. I’ll guide you again.

Click on edit next to the people you choose through targeting button.

Select the edit option

Type in the Location bar the countries that can see your post so u want to show your post to people in the United States? U type in united states, and other countries you prefer.

Type in the country where u want to show your post.

When you have followed Step 4, Where you can type in the countries u like to show your post to. And than finally we are at step 5 of making a low budget advertising. And why this is making sense, You are going to set your add spend on 4 dollars in my case euro’s. And what’s the effect of this that your post is at least gonna be seen by 190 to 560 people per day, What if let’s say 4×560=2240 people see your post and visit your website?. Than in 4 days you have attracted 2240 people with just 4 dollars/euro’s. I’ll show you

so the first step you can take is to make this complete and see for the first 4 days how it’ll work for you^^

So this was actually a free mini course to show you what the possibilities are with social media, it doesn’t always have to be king size to be perfect. It’s by the way right that u see there because this is ofcourse an example post. Later this will automatically change that to the url that’s of course your website.

Ok I hope that you found this post informative and that it added value! Let me know in the comments what you are thinking about these kind of posts! That’s it for now more posts are on the way, I’ll try to deliver the best quality content that I can!

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