Business in action Part 3

Hey there! Glad to have you here because we are heading on to a new post and that’s business in action part 3, I hope that this posts is just gonna be so good as the previous post I’m gonna do my best to give u the best quality that I have in mind.

U don’t want to go unnoticed

Whenever you are running an online business, or just like many others you are still trying to grow a business, U don’t want to go unseen, It can’t be that u are struggling so hard to make it work, and that nobody knows about you.

Or the mindset that you create during the time of growth, because the investment that you make, can be anything. Anything small, begin with sharing your online business by creating a facebook page.

Why should I create a facebook page for my online business?

Well, there is a huge crowd on facebook, and it’s a good to create a business page or to start a page to send traffic to your website.

So by example what you can do u go to Next thing you do is that you give your page a name. This will be the name of your business or you give it another name, By example I have called my page Angelo’s Market, because it’s a market full of information here on my page.

How could a facebook page help me with my online business?

Well especially when it comes to blogging and also running an online business, you want traffic, and it’s a struggle sometime’s to attract a lot of traffic. I’m very grateful that the traffic that comes my way is most of the time’s I see from google or from other social media platforms.

But a facebook page could definitely help, And what’s the idea and the concept that I’m trying to explain here? That traffic can help u to grow your blog or business, it’ll add customers/readers. And that’s exactly what u need.

This image describes the how important SEO is for your business

Small investments work

Sometimes and that depends on who you are, and what your earnings are, and your spending behavior.

And so on, But let’s get straight to the point small investments work. By example you can start to boost a post for as small as an amount of 5 dollars by example, or even 4. You can choose for how long u let a post run and in the mean time u can reach a lot of people.

Try the little things to earn Revenue, When it works than go big!

Because when you boost a post, you allow your post to be seen by a lot of people and u can choose what kind of people u target, so to make this concept a little bit clear, it’s a way to grow traffic for your blog, or for your online business. And how to boost a online post? When you have made your first post, there is always an option that says boost post, and that’s the way you can get more traffic.

That’s it for now, I hope that this post gave an idea on what u can do when it comes to traffic for your online business, and that it added some value. Stay tuned because more posts are about to come

Step by step you can let your earnings grow

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