Writing with Value

Hey there audience I’m glad to have you here again we are still living in a tensed time, but in the middle of this tensed time, Let’s use the time that we have with effect, learning and researching things that bring us closer to our goals

Again and this one is especially very important to say is that your comments don’t go unnoticed I see many people who appreciate the content on this website, and that’s all a big encouragement, I admit I had also some things on my plate, But in the time that we have we should continue to chase our goals isn’t it?

The art of writing and what is of value?

Yes we dive into a post where it’s all about some tips and trics for the content you make, to let it a little bit shine, because the content on your website that is the colour of your online business.

Whatever your doing you are trying to grow a blog to grow passive income, you have an affiliate marketing site to grow passive income you dropship, you have a facebook ads marketing agency, Whatever it is everything what you are doing to create or trying to create passive income that is business.

So the content you make is most of all the first impression that your audience get’s from your online business. And it can be a real big challenge sometime’s isn’t it? Is it the right content? What am I gonna write? And what is the passion that drives me to write.

What is value?

I woud say that anything you write adds value, But content with value can be Educative content, Encouraging content, Advertorial content. It can be anything. Whatever the content is that you are about to write deliver the best quality!

Deliver the best you can do!

But how do you deliver the best content?

First of all i would advice you to write content that fits in your niche, and is a match with your talent.

Because if you don’t create content where you are really good at, than you create yourself just a second job, and you don’t want that. Next thing that I would really advice is to download a grammar check/Text check.

Check Check double check

What’s also important when you write content?

One of the most important things is I think work in your best niche, Because as i mentioned before, if you create another job by writing content that you actually don’t like but hey it makes money so ya why not writing it and it becomes really hard for you, believe me that isn’t freedom. Or let’s say it isn’t a road to freedom.

So what’s your niche that niche that your really passionate about, are you more a kind of travel blogger, or a you more a kind of promotion blogger, by writing about the products you offer or are more a motivational bloggers, or tips and trics for business related things.

And once again to repeat it….

It’s important that you write something that you are passionate about otherwise once again as i mentioned you’ll find yourself having a second job. I’ll give u an example I like it t write articles about personal development and business related things because I think that it adds value.

Right keywords, can also help to let your blog grow^^ Google is your best friend.

And somehow it’s pretty educative and beside’s that I write that what pops up in my mind sometime’s it seems that it attracts a lot of people. I don’t know what that is people like to read it somehow, and I think that i’m pretty blessed with the audience that I have, Shout out to you guys, because i read all your comments and it’s really encouraging thank u ^^

And remember we are in a process, maybe not success overnight but long term success is I think the best thing to work on, It’s not easy I admit, even I myself face challenges, oh yes I do, But every time I think, It’s possible, no matter what it takes, I’m gonna find out how, every day.

Believe in what you are doing, every day!
If you have any suggestion for a post or something that you really want to see in my posts, Than i’ll try to make that true in my posts, leave a comment, thanks for reading once again ^^

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