What does success look like?

An interesting state in our life is a state of transition, a state where we try new things business related, and personal development related, and where we achieve our goals, because of my amazing audience i started writing again! Thank u guys! I’m really grateful because believe me iv’e sometimes got a lot of things on my plate.

A word of gratitude towards my audience

I’m really reading all of your comments and it quit encourages me with new idea’s it supports me with a new fresh mind, to write some new posts, because believe me sometime’s writing starts with just doing it, searching for the point of peace at the middle of the hurricane.

And i think that, that is a very good thing, to be the helping hand in someone’s situation, also when you see someone struggling or you feel someone struggling try to be someone’s positive hand!

With that being said, let’s again jump into a new fresh post where it’s all about, what does success look like for you?, what is the goal or the motive that keeps you moving, what is the drive behind your plan? And what keeps you moving?

Goals keep you moving, It’s pure the mindset

To have a goal in front of you moves you towards success, but what moves you? What is your motivator, and what inspire’s you? It’s important that you have a goal, something where you can fix your eyes upon during the hard work you do to get to success. Because that is the reason, that is the one thing that’ll make things work.

We are going to chase our success until we are there were we are want to be!

To have the right inspiration, matters a lot when you are fighting for your goals and walking the road to success, because how can you achieve success, if you have someone beside you that says, ‘

”Your plans are never gonna work”’ ”This thing is really going down”. Why am i telling this over and over again? Because believe me when the wrong kind of person start to advice us, than all our dreams will just go into rubbish…. Do we want that? No…

So this is maybe somewhat weird advice, imagine the life you want to have, imagine your success, that is what should drive you. And while you work on success, never ever loose the enthusiasm. I mean it’s ok to sometimes take a break, so that you’ll not be overworked.

The little things, but the big movement

Yes right on, it’s true, every time i see little result, it move’s the bigger side in me, When i see results from my efforts, i know again, alright… so this is also the person that i am, this is also my bigger me, but wait…..? If i can do this, what is still stopping me, and while i’m writing this, i also want to be honest,

I’m an honest blogger, i want to say that i also see many challenges in life, believe me life is not always greener at the other side, don’t be fooled by seeing other people driving in a new rolls roys, or moving from country to country, the reality is sometime’s far from the truth, but nevertheless do i believe that we are more capable than we think that we are.

OH!!! WHAT A CAR!!! But… what is the story behind it?

I mean ya,,,, can i break for one time the ideal rolls roys, rich guy with designer clothes, I live in a big mansion and i’m cool idea? If you think that, that is life, and that those are goals, take a step back.

And scroll through your list thinking about what were my goals at the beginning. I mean ofcourse! for everything we need money. Yes that is right on and so true. Bills need to be paid and debts if you have any. But those problems are also temporary, it’s all about the way you deal with it.

But please… And i have said it a few blogs earlier don’t be fooled by what you see, but believe in what is about to be. Don’t be stressed by seeing not your results over night, but see the strength in your greatest fight, Don’t see yourself as a zero, but unlock your inner hero.

Sometime’s our challenges are big, the storm the hurricanes, it seems an unending circle, but the inner hero in you is gonna beat all these challenges!

I was a little poetic here haha! But it’s true vogues, we often find ourselves, thinking that the life of other people is better, or maybe we even think that we cannot get there. But why? why we can’t get there? why is that?

What is still holding you back? From taking at least a step you can even start to build your website with wordpress, if you sign up via the link u earn 25 dollars for any paid plan. Or simply host your own blog.

Or you can already start your idea, by writing a business plan, or writing your e book. Do everyday a little bit, especially when you still have part time job. Take it step by step, And believe in your dreams.

And remember, Don’t panic. Especially in these time’s.

Your inner hero is about to return!

To your success! and once again, a great shoutout to my encouraging audience, i needed that boost to start writing again.

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