Go for it! Also in the downs!

Be a winner because you were not born to be a loser, let people say what they want, because only the real one’s show up during your lows, the rest only shows up during your highs

`~ Digitalnomadonfire

Hey there dear people! It’s lovely to have you, I have red your encouraging comments and wow!. That’s exactly what i needed, got a lot of things on my plate and there happend a lot of things. So i needed definitely a break, and i’m having a break now, enjoying bali indonesia with my fiancé. However i’m grateful for every comment that i read because i believe that what you give, will come to back to you!

Let’s start 2020 with a winners mindset

Once again it’s great to have you here, and we are heading on to a new blog that has everything to do with how do you handle your business in the downs? Because it’s easy in the ups to believe in the things that keep you moving but are you also able to be a winner in the downs?

This is maybe a weird start of a new blog, but here we go let’s just go through it together.

Because like i said, i got a lot of things on my plate, but what did i just found out, and what gives me the inspiration to go for it?

Yes life can be a mess, but don’t forget your a superman/woman

Your environment and what you allow matters!

Ofcourse?! What matters more to success than a winners mindset and your environment? A clean space, but not only in the place where you live, but also in your mind. What kind of words do you allow? And what kind of people do you allow?

Well this is so important, because there is a big chance when you surround yourself with people that always have something to brag about, or never support your dream, or always have something bad to comment on our idea’s. Than it’s time to close your ears for those kind of comments, or just to move on.

Are you gonna be the one that breaks the arms of a dreamer? Or are you the one who is gonna say ”Listen up how can we make your dreams real? I wanna be a part of your dreams”

No really surround yourself with like minded people, people that support you and not people that want to take you down, a toxic environment will not lead you to success. A lot of people don’t realise what words can do with people who have big dreams, before you know it you have crushed the next jamess bond, or maybe the next super digitalnomad of the year.

What if you can be the final touch to someone’s business idea? What if you are the reason that they won’t give up?

Believe me i talk out of experience i want to share this with you, because i’m also real, life at my side is also not always easy.

That i can enjoy right now with my fiancé is pure a blessing, i worked hard for that. And i fought for that, although there were people on the side line yelling : ”angi it’s not possible angelo it’s a this and blablabla”.

And i just closed my ears for those kind of people, and looked up to the mountain that i wanted to climb, and i said to that mountain, i’m gonna face you, i’m not gonna close my eyes for you! HERE I COME!,

What are you gonna allow? And what is good and what is toxic?

If you allow Good, your results will also be good, If you allow the bad, your results will also be bad.

Yes that sounds weird isn’t it? But it is the truth, if you’ll allow words as ”your idea will never work” ”Can you not do better than this? it sucks” ”You’ll never get where i am” ” Oh it’ll not work out, well i guess i stop it..”

Imagine! Write every day about the lifestyle of goal that you want to accomplish, talk with people who really want to help you with some idea’s for your business. Be with people who can advise you like this by example.

Hey brother/sister. Do you need some help? Yes actually i want some advice about how you can start an online business, or how can i develop the business or the dream that i have? Well!! I have an idea this person knows a lot of networks that can help u already in the right direction, and this person knows how to write content, and so on.

These kind of words by example, that helps people, that is the kind of advice where people are looking for. And not something like this

huh? You are searching help for that stupid idea of you? Oh… nah … maybe you can better stop dreaming and do something that works. Or maybe you can just flush your dreams there in the toilet. (i would felt worse if i was a person who tell these kind of things).

And some last final words to summarize the whole story

Be of use when somebody needs you, just the way you would help someone. Do it, when somebody dreams, dream with them. And check if you can make their dreams a little bit easier, by handing them out some tools where they can work with.

Believe in your business, or your online blog, or whatever your niche is. Don’t always check the grass at the other side, because it’s not always green. You don’t know how the super rich people got where they are right now, maybe they have a lot of debts, or maybe they don’t earn their money so honest as you think.

Or maybe it took them years, to get where they want to be. The point is : Every big billionare or big company big online business, started small, started to dream and to realise the dream, and to take action.

And…….. now it’s your turn SUPERHERO!

Lot’s of love from me again! I hope that this blog encouraged you, Since i’m a little bit back on track, I hope to write some more blog posts! And remember let no one stop you, from the big plans that you have in mind.

Bless u All


  1. It is true what you allow in your life, your heart and mind or head matters. I know this because I’ve been through it. If you allow toxic people in your head you live with self doubt and self criticism. You keep thinking you’re not good enough or you need to be more.

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