Flourish in your niche part 2 and A small promotion

Welcome dear blog followers, i love to share something in my enthusiasm, as you have red in my previous blog, flourish in your niche, i’ll introduce you to a part of flourish in your niche part 2.

Welcome in a fresh new blog, and i hope that i can help you a little bit moving in the right direction, i’ll share some things with you about my journey in the online niche,

You design your own life, Never give up !

Flourish in your niche part 2!

Since you have probably an new idea what to do with your niche, or you found some affiliate product, that’s pretty great. Because you have found out that there are a lot of things possible online, it takes some time, but i realise while i’m still just as you guys on my journey in the online niche, that taking action is one of the most important things ever!

A small promotion/Earn REAL CASH

real paypal cash!

So while i was on my daily journey in the online niche, there is something that i want to share with you, i was searching for some get paid per click sites, i like to join those some times. PTC site’s doesn’t earn that bad.

And i was really curious, are there also paid survey site’s. That do not pay in points, amazon gift card or something else, but pay in real cash, real paypal money. Yes there are! so this is pretty random, but if you try to make some extra money, i think this option is great try to make money with Ysense.

Does Ysense make sense?

Maybe this piece in my blog is a little bit unusual, but i love to help some people out there, so if you have some time to answer some paid survey’s. Listen to some good music. They also have tasks and offers! So good luck! The more they qualify you the more paid tests you’ll get so it’s definitely worth your time

Why wouldn’t you do it?

And besides that they also have a pretty good refferal program, and they pay you REAL paypal money. So for those who are done with the get paid by doing surveys and only earning some amazon gift cards, here is the Real Deal .

They pay out real paypal money, so these where a couple of words about ysense, besides that, they have a lot of other nice tasks, instead of just filling in a paid survey, Listen to some music and relax, while u catch some extra money!

One of the pro’s and cons about Ysense

If you qualify for the survey that pay you out, but if you don’t receive any money on your account. But there are a lot of other tasks that make it interesting to join Ysense.

And beside’s that you really need to take your time for answering questions, because let’s be real they ain’t gonna pay you, if you just give some random answers with the thought ”i’m gonna make money by just clicking here and there, the click to get rich button is rare nowadays”.

Earn money with Serpclix

Another thing i quickly want to promote is Serpclix. Serpclix is quit cool, you need to do this on mozilla firefox, but it’s simple if you want to just make a few extra bucks, it works like this, you receive an order, and u just type it in google and then u need to click the highlighted link, and you click on it and wait, and so you earn money. They all explain it on their website, beside’s that it’s a pretty good Ptc program and SEO program.

Earn a few extra bucks by just typing orders on google!

Flourish in your niche Part 2

There are a few niches where you can flourish in, your character your super quality is in one of those niches. And you can start to flourish in your niche when there is an idea. First things first!

What has your interest ?

What niche has your interest, you wake up in the morning, and you need to work on your website/blog/products/or whatever kind of business you are gonna set up. What has so deep your interest, that you can’t wait to work on it, this is where your niche starts, that is step 1.

Your niche, and the way you are gonna express it.

It can be something that has everything to do with music, or whatever kind of niche you are gonna choose.

One of the things that i would again recommend is affiliate marketing, why? Because the market is big, there a lot of brands that have an affiliate marketing, and this type of marketing is interesting, because u need zero investments to just make your first sale.

From zero to HERO

But what i would recommend is to use a paid theme of wordpress, Of-course there are ways that u can blog somewhat cheaper, yes there are option out there, but the cons are a little bit that you need to order everything seperated, but a self-hosted blog is worth the try.

U can start hosting a blog via bluehost, and start building your brand, and it’ll cost you even when u sign up via my link and you’ll get it for 3,95 per month.

Sign up via bluehost 3,95 dollars! Blogging can also be cheap

Your niche unleashed, combined with A piece of you!

Next thing that is important, is how are you gonna work out your idea’s ? What kind of brand or marketing are you gonna use, Because i believe that it is interesting that people can see that there is a piece of you combined with your niche. Make it unique and unleash your talent in your niche, is it editing? Is that the PR promotion? Is it your enthusiasm?

Unleash your qualities in your idea/business. And let it shine, i know that this sounds easy, but when people can see that there is a piece of you in your business, it’ll be more unique for someone to read about it, search about, to contact you, or to bookmark your page.

Be unique in your niche, also if you are promoting the product of someone else. Create your own writing style, your own promotion style. Your own lay out, the way your website’ll look like. Do it step by step!

But unleash your qualities in your business!

Take that leap of faith today!

Some encouragement for my audience

I love to read your encouraging comments, and if there is anything where i can help you with just check in at angelolive@live.nl. Or just comment, and i’ll reply you as soon as i can.

And again and again i need to say this!

While we are in the boat, the road to success, while we have our own battles daily and while we struggle to grab the key of success. Don’t give up! don’t let anybody say ”Oh your idea is never gonna be something” ”oh are you still into online business? ”Your idea is such a slow thing” ”bla bla bla negative”.

Please lovely sweet people, maybe you are one of them, the one who always gets mocked when you have a new idea, the one who always finds someone who has to say something negative about their new business idea. Or someone who always makes you feel like you are a kind of underdog.

NO! Think about all these words and say…

NO NO NO NO!!!! I AM A TALENT! I AM UNIQUE~! Embrace the mindset of abundance! Embrace your inner hero, your new smartness! See that you are absolutely one of a kind, come on….. This is a random thing that i want to drop this while i’m writing a blog, about flourishing in your niche.

This has everything to do with that, the road to success , is not a overnight road, that’s a mistake most people make, get millionaire overnight..

Or ehm make 5000 euro in a day… eh? huh… how… See in time you’ll get there and i believe when you are consistent, yes everything is possible and everything can happen! But people who tell you that you can make a large amount in one day, that ain’t gonna happen, or they have already an existing business.

But! once again let no one say to you that you can’t do it, or that you’ll never reach the next level.

BELIEVE ME, in time you will be the first one who laughs at those naysayers, they’ll be surprised in the future! They are gonna say things like

”’ huh wow… he? his business took off and it’s booming”’ or ” do you know that she is running a seminar right now and speaking in front of thousands of people”.

Believe me, it’s sometimes a hard road, yes maybe you are still on the road of obstacles, and you don’t see any result. Be patience, all of you! Believe, one day it is your day, and on that day you’ll be surprised of your talents. And maybe you already are!

Because believe me even i, have my obstacles on the road to success! Just to be real with you, but it is up to you how you respond to those obstacles.

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Lot’s of love again! More blogs are coming, if you have some inspiration for the next blog,drop it in the comments, because i do read your comments!

Oh how i miss bali! In february i’ll return and spend three weeks with my loved one!


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