The process of a blog business,

Hey there! Welcome back again, i’m glad to have you here! This is a business related article and can be used as an inspiration for your blogs!

So let’s start this blog! I hope that after reading this article, that u can get a little bit a flow, an inspiration, a idea of how u can start your blog, and what you can do in this sometime’s challenging process.

starting a blog can feel like a maze sometime’s but let’s find a way out!

A lotta time’s i got a lot of questions, Angelo how do you write your blog? Did you really write this? Is this really you? Wow! So inspirational! And once again in this blog i want to inspire you! This blog, is maybe a little bit the same as tips for bloggers, But! i’m going somewhat deeper on the tips for bloggers ,since i see that so many people are interested in blogging , or writing articles in general, or they just like to read my articles, and that is also awesome!

The first move you make in your blog

First of all, Step number one how do i start my blog ?

When i get the opportunity for it, first of all i create something authentic, something that i would write.

And not something that someone else would write. Beside’s that it’s important that u have something great in mind, don’t write to write. Sometimes people blog,because they feel that they need to blog to blog. Blog to add valuable content, because it is content right from the heart of your passion. It is content that ads value! And be sure that when people are finished with reading your article that they leave with an inspired feeling.

Not with an attitude like, oh… well that was some great content already written on 55 pages of the internet it’s exactly the same. Be the unique writer of your blogs so that your audience can always notice, oh yes that’s a typical blog that He/she would write.

I feel and see the kind of style he uses, it triggers me always to do ( by example) more with blogging&business. That’s a little bit your tag, your special tag.

Be authentic indeed!

So the reason why people come back here on my page is because it seems that i write good articles, that was first of all a great suprise to me, and it ads value to their personal life or business. Always one of the two, but i love to be an inspirational person in general, to add something positive, or to add a lot of empowerment.

So please! When you write blog, write something authentic!

Use your style, your way, your creativity and you’ll be noticed! Be unique!

Step one be real with your blog business

I don’t know why i have to say this once again, but people blog sometimes with the idea, that in one month their blog is hitting the one million jackpot. I don’t know what’s happening in people’s mind. But that’s not gonna happen in the first month, everything is possible but not that one that i just mentioned, agree?

oh no! not the one million a month, and what do we do now ?

So if you have that in mind let’s move on to the next step, So i mentioned a view things first of all

  • Make your content unique
  • Have something in mind that ads value
  • Be kind and when it’s possible, reply the comments of your audience
  • Treat your blog as a business, and indeed be consistent but when you feel a writer block what’s pretty normal sometimes, don’t write to write in that case.
  • Be convinced of your goal, set a goal. And believe in your blog.

The things that i just mentioned are so important when you are a about to write a blog post, or when you are about to make a blog page, to turn it into a business. Because if you don’t believe in your goal, believe me, your articles will directly show your audience, i’m not convinced i don’t know or eh ya eh…. People can see that in your words. Don’t ask me how, but what you believe is what you receive. It is life somehow.

Your blog is like a second home so.. next tip!

Your blog page is like a second home, so imagine that you come home, what do you want, you struggle a lot before you can open the door? Or you can immediately open the door? I guess that you are my favorite guest at option number 2 isn’t it?

So it’s the same with your blog page, make it so that it loads just very fast, make it so that people click on your blog and it opens after a few seconds.

Or even better the same second that they click on your blog, it’s already a hit! Don’t create it so that people click on your blog and it costs hours before it finally loads. And then when they finally arrive on your page it has some bad looks, and it’s a no go page.

Create a go to page, a page that people would like to bookmark, or a page that has a profesional look. There are different ways to do this of course. In my case i went all in, i didn’t want to have hosting somewhere there, and another part a little bit here and there and so on… So i create these blogs with wordpress their basic plan is in my opinion quit cheap, i believe round the 89 dollar per year. And for that price they have a lot of themes, and a good customer service, and there is so much more with wordpress.

If you would like it to sign up, and make a start with your blog page click on this link and start building your blog, Click here and sign up!

Your blog page should actually be a open door where your audience meet’s a little bit of you

Be real and be yourself

Yes once again, i need to say it be real and be yourself, Don’t hide behind your screen and write a view articles ,that are exactly the same articles as everyone else, and stay mister anonymous. Ya look, if you don’t want to be recognized with your blog posts or blog page, i would recommend you to do something else that fits for you. Because, let’s be honest when you are on someone’s page, you also want to know the owner right?

Don’t be shy and write your about page, i also have an about page, you can find a little bit information about me, and for the people that want more advice they can always find me on facebook, always the same name Angelo pieters, and as brand

That was it for now …. more posts related to this post will come, and i’ll also write some articles that are more personal development related since i saw also some sweet comments on those kind of blogs! So i’m very happy and feel encouraged by the warm audience that i have at the moment, so i’m pretty grateful, Stay tuned please! and follow me and comment, and when i have the posibility i’ll always comment back.

A lot’s of love! And don’t forget you are a winner and you can absolutely do it when you have the right mindset! Your journey starts today!

Believe in your goals and receive!


    1. Hey there!!, I believe that anyone can reach their goals, and that the time for you to build a better page is actually already there, because 1 you have a page ,and 2, The most important thing that you can apply is writing and upgrading your content, you can do it^^

    2. hey sorry that i didn’t had the time to comment on you! But just continue with the process, focuss on your audience and let your talent shine, the monetizing part come’s later, you’ll get there i’m sure!

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