A Thankful message towards my followers!

This is a special message for people who follow me, and who’s comments were also very educative and positive. It was also motivating me to keep on writing so i decided to write something back.

Encouragement and the value of it


How many time’s do we hear this in life?;” Thanks for your support!” or ” I needed those words”. The power of words and comments, whether it is in business or whether it is just for someone’s personal development. Or just as a nice compliment. The power of words is so strong, you can break someone with words, or you can choose to let someone shine. Because i believe simply in what you give is what you get. So having said these words let me thank u for your encouraging comments, and for following me!

I like to encourage my audience, to comment like you commented. And to follow my blogs ofcourse! Because that’s already a great support, because of you guys, i love it to continue writing.

And to inspire each of you, whether it is with a business blog, or with something that you can apply directly in your own life. Because i know that there are maybe some of you who need some encouragement in their life.

It is maybe the finishing touch a message a special kind of blog that motivates you to continue with your mission, i saw some of my followers have a mission, some come here to just read and enjoy, or some come here to be inspired. And one time again it is really encouraging,your comments.

Oh ya… I’m still training my spam folder

How funny is that? I had contact with the customerservice and i asked them why do my comments appear in the spam folder and why do i first need to approve these comments, than they replied: You need to train your spam folder so that it will automatically approve those comments in the future, so that gave me hope, computers are not stronger than humans! I need to train a spamfolder….

Yes that sounded also quit weird for me but anyhow! Just so you know i read all your comments and have approved all your comments also, so they are visible. It is still quit funny that i need to train a spam folder.

Encouragement from me to you!

Do what you do, and do it to the max!

I once again want to thank u, for your comments, for the fact that you guys are following me and for your encouragement. I hope to be a small piece or a final decision making post, or to be your greatest encourager, or influencer.

Let me say to you, each of you that has a mission a goal, a great business plan, don’t doubt, even when other people say ”it’s never gonna work” i see big examples in life, who are absolutely living the life that i also aim to live.

Let me call a few people that are absolute, absolute life influences

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up, he is unstoppable

“~ Digitanomadonfire.blog

For a few days, i’m watching harry potter, and as we all know harry potter is a absolute breakthrough movie. BUT, let us look to the writer of harry potter J.K Rowling, do you know how strong her story is?????

Read her story, because this will influence you! motivate you! And make you realise that although there are struggles, you can defintely reach your goal, as long as your are willing! Sorry that i’m so excited about it, but read this. This is about someone who had struggles and someone who had a dream and absolutely made it.

A motivational story.

J.K. Rowling. had just gotten a divorce, was on government aid, And could barely afford to feed her baby in 1994. In 1997, right after 3 years, Harry potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, was published.

When She was shopping it out, she was so poor she couldn’t afford to buy a computer. Or even the costs of photocopying the 90.000-word novel, so she manually typed out each version to send to publishers.

It was rejected dozens of times untill finally bloomsburry, a small London publisher, gave it a second chance after the CEOS eight year old daughter fell in love with it.

In 2004, Forbes names Rowling as the first person to become a U.S. dollar billionaire by writing books. The second-richest female entertainer and the 1.062nd richest person in the world. She donated 160 million to charity. She said ”i have earned enough for my life, now it’s time to say thank u to God”

After reading this story, i want to say one last thing to you, never give up one day is really your day, one day your business or your plan will hit the sky! And the sky is the limit. Don’t give up do what you are doing and believe in your goals.

Lot’s of thankfulness!


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