Tips For Bloggers!

Whether you are starting a blog, or whether you have a blog up and running, this is a fresh blog, because i red in the comments that a lot of people would like to know where i got my inspiration from, and also i noticed in the comments that people would like a blog that hands out some tips, and hints how to keep a blog up and running, i hope that these hints and tips will provide some value to your blogs or blog business, I read a lot that when people try to comment that there comments dissapear, I don’t know what that is, but i’m working on it, i already asked the customer service what this bizarre event is all about haha!

Work on your creative flair!

It may sound a little bit logic but when you start blogging first focus on your content, and ask yourself, where am i excited about? what do i like? Where am i so passionate about? And what is something that inspires me so hard that i can write a lot of books about it?

And what is your drive to write?

So step one

The subject of your content, write a few words that are aligned with your content, Let’s grab a blog where it’s all about food, Let’s say because i love indonesia, let’s say the food of indonesia. ( and this is an example so replace indonesian food of course with the subject of your blog)

OK step two what are your thoughts, when it come’s to content

  • Indonesian food
  • Nasi, rice, Spicy,
  • How the food is prepared
  • What makes indonesian food so different?
  • How can i describe my own personal experience with their food
  • Culture
  • and so on

But what next ? Content only is not enough, keep it simple, less is more. But less is more when you give it a meaning.

I mean when you are writing content about indonesian food, but your background is a flag from vietnam, yeah sorry but doesn’t make sense ok. So your lay out ofcourse !! images, colour what is connected with the text, and indonesian flag, a photo of the food, maybe a photo of you eating this food.

When you are writing about a subject make sure your pictures fit!

Good, next is of course your audience , and how are you going to promote your blog to your audience? Your audience is gonna be very logic, people who love to read about indonesian food, asian food lovers by example.

See how easy it is ?? So off topic, it’s not where i’m blogging about but it’s my creative flair. It’s the creative touch, it’s the creative mindset. So what i’m doing here actually is giving you a guidance, a mind-map a map in what to do when you create a blog post.

Your blog page

Your blog page, is actually a kind of a second home to your audience. So make it also like a second home.

And how to make it like a second home? What do you want, or what do you like to experience when you are on a page where you want to find all the answers on your questions.

You’ll like it that your questions are being answered, and not only that! You don’t want any troubles for your audience also, so you want your page to load fast on all kinds of devices. On a laptop on a mobile, on a tablet and so on.

Make your blog mobile and computer friendly

Just like in your own home, you want to find things really easy. You don’t want to keep on searching for more than half an hour.

No you want your answer directly or you want it to be described in a way that you can directly understand it.

And not only that, you should be real, i believe in 100% transparency. So just as you can see a little bit about me on my about page that’s who i really am. It’s simply my mission to blog full time!

When you are inside of a house, you also want to know the owner, so don’t remain hidden. And write an about page, than it is a little bit clear to your audience, who are you? what are your dreams and thoughts?, and so on? And especially what are your talents?

And why is your blog so interesting?

Keep it natural

This is also an hint, when you are blogging keep it natural. You are writing content that really grabs your attention, and the attention of your audience. And make it real, give it some colours.

Just like i just did in this article, you see a image that fits in the text. You see a lot in my article, you that it has some space. These tips i give you are pure personal experience.

And when you blog have some patience, if you are really committed, and if you really believe in what you are doing. Believe me you’ll attract the right audience with the right mindset. Because people can read that in your blogs.

Use your own creativity!

Use indeed your creativity!

Let a text flow. I mean ya i can write a blog super boring without, marking a text. Or without any italics, or making an important piece of an article more bold. So what i try to say when you write your text give it a little bit body

I’ll give a small example

What i like to do is to give my articles body.

boring mode

What i like to do is to give my articles body.

Which one is grabbing your attention?

Earning with your blog?

You can seriously earn and blog, to take your blog to the next level, that takes some time. But just like i said there are a lot of options to earn with your blog.

Currently i’m blogging with wordpress so click this link and subscribe their cheapest plans are round the 85 dollars a year. The more serious business planed are more expensive. But the 85 a year plan will do it perfectly!

Use your creativity also when it come’s to earning. With wordpress you have the different options to earn with wordads, it’s a simple get paid per click system. You can sell produtcs and services.

I’m good at writing articles some people don’t want to spend time on writing articles. So be the solutions to them go and write articles for them!

There are a lot of options when it come’s to earning.

I hope that this was a little bit the answer on the questions that you asked! More blogs are about to come!

Right on, if you have a mission, GO FOR IT

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