Our own No is our struggle.

Welcome followers, it’s great to have you again, due to private issues i didn’t blog for a long time. But i’m kinda back on track, and learned through the struggles, and because of these struggles i can offer you a lesson.

This is a new article that is more personal development related, i like to blog in parts. One time i write a personal development blog, and the other time i write business articles.

This time i like to welcome you in a blog called our own NO, our own DOUBT is our biggest obstacle that is where it’ll be all about.

Is our biggest huddle in life, it’s our biggest limitation. Saying that we can’t do things, while we actually can, but there is something in us that says, nah… I’m not like that talented person, no i have to many mountains in my life and i’ll never reach the top. My friend if this is you, than stay with me, I got your back!

How words are of great influence

Words are of great influence, everything we proclaim or announce about our self has impact on our mindset. How easy is it when everything around you is just one big mess, to say : Ok see i’m a loser, i can’t do it, oh no no i’ll never get there, aaah see yes that is my evidence that i’m a ( word). And how hard is it to encourage our self and say : ”hey this might not be the right time or the right thing, but whatever happens i’ll find a way to get there, to get there where you planned to be.

I don’t care how big your waves are. I know that you are good surfer.

If you are really a consistent fighter than believe me, you’ll find a way. I can say using my own experience right now, that whatever your goal is, you will find a way, through the dirt, through the discouraging shady people, through the failures, through it all. And what you’ll find in yourself when you are doing this is this one : A big fighter, a winner evidence of a keeper, evidence of inner king.

Beautiful dreams, but no encouragement

How often is it not, that i ask people about their dreams, or about their goals in life. And everything that they say is this: Yeah Angelo we dream of a big boat or yacht, and we want to travel the world. And their expectation is to get that through, winning the lottery, or the next day.

Those people who think that they can get thousand of dollars the next day, they won’t get that far. Because their expectation is simply not real, it’s not realistic to think: ”So my super business will be a multi national the next week”. And the next week they look back on what they said, and shock. ”Huh? but/… my plan was so good,,, My brand off such a great quality my eh… wow”.

SO, they start being discouraged, they give up on their business. They are not consistent, because hear me, If you aren’t consistent. Or if you don’t find out your inner passion, you’ll live a life long serving the passion of someone else. And listen it’s not wrong to have a job, i also have a job, and beside that i blog. But i’m working hard on it to blog full time.

uhhh…. If things don’t work out, do you stop than?

And i know that takes time. That takes courage, good writer skills. And the skill of improvisation. Which i have masterd somehow, at least that is what ”they” say.

But good.. Let me continue about the other half of the people with dreams that aren’t that far of their reach. I’m talking about talented people, people who have a dream, not only people who have a dream, but also people with a mission.

And what i see, that the doubt in them, the fear the obstacles and everything that they create, becomes their reality. And they stop all their missions and plans, because they think that somehow they aren’t worth it. They think somehow that if they’ll reach the top they’ll loose them self. Or they think that because of their current situation, their private struggles, they can never get where they want to get. Or they think that they aren’t skilled enough, or they don’t think at all, or they stopped dreaming. Never stop chasing your dream, whether it is in steps, with downsides, with growth, with challenges. If you stop dreaming, you’ll never get where you want. And believe me if you want to get somewhere you’ll find a way.

I’m gonna give an example, I was cycling and suddenly the road was blocked by people who worked on the road. But google maps only gave me that direction, so i was like… Shizz what to do?? I grabbed my cycle gave it a good swing to the other side of the small river that was flowing between the road that was blocked and the road of my destination. I said i can do it, so after i gave my cycle a swing, i jumped and i was there. It was my destination so no matter what i’ll find a way.

My encouragement to you

Anyhow, if the doubting one, the struggling one if that is you, Can i encourage you once again?

That you can do this, you can absolutely master it! It takes some time, it takes patience. It takes the right mindset to get you there but you’ll find that. Do you know that your whole day can become so bright by only saying this in the morning : I’m grateful for life itself, i’m grateful that i’m skilled, i’m grateful that i won’t fail. I’m grateful that i’m a winner. Say this every day, every time you wake up and you’ll experience so many changes in your life. Step by step you’ll get there. I can’t have it that though you are so talented that your own talents are dying, i can’t have it that you are so skilled but not using it. I want’t to launch you, to influence you. And i hope i did so.

Goals and dreams? Let nothing stop you!


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