Yes you can!, No is not an option!

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No is not an option, yes you(I) can it is!

So after a little update i’ll finally introduce you to a new blog! ok Cmon. Welcome to this motivational blog, called No is not an option YES it is!.

I hope you red my previous blog, add blogging to your schedule. This new blog is more a motivational blog, to encourage you with your business or personal life. Also this the next chapter, that perfectly matches with my previous blog add blogging to your schedule.

What is your mindset? What do you say to yourself about your goals? And what are the people around you saying to you?

And how much power or value are you adding to the words said by others or by your own. When we face our goals, and in this case it’s blogging, we must be sure, completely sure of our skills.

Use your skills, what is holding you back?

Not being insecure, believe me like i already wrote in one of my blogs, there are so many people who see the outside world, and are fooled by people with big mansions and so on. So they get a little dissapointed when they are not hitting the 6k in the first month… Yes my dear but all those people also fought for months, or they had a super clear strategy or business plan, or they were just lucky. Everything is possible but i’ll be real with you it requires hard working.

Here we see a man swimming, and trying to win the race!
Your race, is really your race. Not the race of someone else try to be unique

Yes!come on to swim to the other side that requires hard work. Believe me it is just so hard in the beginning as your 9 to 5 job or your 9 till 1 job, or 1 to 4 job. Whatever kind of job you are in, in the beginning it asks consistency. And also a strong spirit in you that says ”cmon ! I can absolutely do this, and whatever everybody is saying i won’t believe them because i’m skilled”.

Dream big, skip the no i can’t scene and you’ll get there.

Use a long term mindset, instead of a short one.

Some people, who have a plan or business or a blog in this case. They really think like this ”so … This was it, my first perfect written articles, and the next month i’ll have 6k on my bank account, oh yes!! this is gonna be the Shizzle for life” And then the next month starts, and all they see is maybe a small 50 or maybe 100. And they are shocked, ”huh how than… i can’t understand”. But believe me once again, to set up a good blog costs months.

Don’t be suprised challenges are also part of the job

Is this a good reason to find something else that earns faster? Well no… And this is the part where i’ll explain the essence of a long term mindset, and the destructive result of a short term mindset. The short term mindset is focused on money now, but that money is also short term. Because ya, count up the costs, your bills, the tax etc. And then what you have really earned is short term.

So .. let’s focus on a long time mindset, blogging is by example something that you can start part time, you can do it beside your current job.

And during the months you’ll eventually create a job replacing income, when you are absolutely sure of a consistent job replacing income. Than, make blogging your full time business.

Do something that you love also, if blogging is not your thing but selling old things, or an e commerce store. Or a fb agency, or starting a company to fix issues.

Call it a name, whatever you do, do something that’s really your thing, and have a plan. Something, like a guideline. Because when you have that you can always fall back on the plan, when you loose your direction a little bit. So create a certain structure in your business.

Let no one or nothing ever cut your dreams, because it were the dreamers who turned dreams into action. And because they had an idea, their idea became reality.

So they dreamed, they did and they conquered! AND SO WILL YOU!!!

My name is Angelo, and i love it to inspire people and to motivate them, i hope that through reading my blogs your mind will be triggered, and maybe you can apply these blogs to your personal life or your business! whatever you are gonna do, your journey starts today!

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