Add Blogging to you Schedule!

Welcome back! I like to write business blogs, and blogs that are more reffering to personal development. I hope that through reading this blog, first of all you’ll be inspired to add blogging to your schedule!,

Don’t blog because you want to blog, blog because you have inspiration that really ads value, value to your blogs and value to your content and website! Otherwise your audience won’t understand what or where your website is heading to.

~ Believe in your goals, don’t push to hard. And know that the right time is for those who are patience.

Long time no spoken! my great followers, What a challenge to keep your blog up to date when you are so busy!

Here we see Rush hour! This image describes, how busy it can be in our lives sometimes.
We can become so busy,that we forget our goals

Welcome again, to a fresh blog, Business related and personal development related Why? Because it’s something that you can apply to your personal life as well as to your business. Welcome again! to Add Blogging to your Schedule.

Long time no spoken once again, my life got so busy past weeks! That i almost forgot to blog, to keep my website up to date. How important is that? and how can we prevent our blog to transform into a frozen website. That’s something that we don’t want isn’t it? Like i said i have many goals and dreams and i love to fight for my goals, and to never give up. Because true power and wealth you’ll find in perseverance.

You are strong! Yes you are, But if strength is not found in your mindset than what?…..

Some encouraging Tips&Trics for bloggers!

This article is focused for now on people, who are starting to blog. Or they already have a blog up and running, that’s also cool! But today i want to encourage you. First of all, don’t give up, and add it to your schedule.

Your mobile is probably your next best friend right? So write in the app called alarm, DONT FORGET TO BLOG. or something like “”IF YOU HAVE INSPIRATION WRITE IT DOWN TODAY”.

Because that is what you want, if you consistently do this, than eventually you’ll get there. And believe me, just like me. Because of a lot of appointments, busy days, i had a little bit a writers block. No blog but a block, And that’s totally normal ok? Not a worse case scenario, it’s the sign that you need to relax and empty your mind. I’m real with you, take your time.

But anyhow, here are some tips.

  • 1. Immediately when you have got some inspiration, write it down somewhere where u can remember it. Or if you are good at remembering the words you want to write in your blog, than.. Write it down immediately.
  • 2. Write about something you are good at. Really something that inspires you, or something you can just write about at any time. Because otherwise it can become’s quit busy in your mind. So busy that blogging isn’t even doable anymore, don’t do that choose a subject that matches with you the best.
  • 3. Inspire your audience, And share your blog wherever you can. Social media is wide! So let the world hear your voice, and start sharing your blog on social media. From twitter to pinterest, from pinterest to facebook, from facebook to free advertisement. Just check it out.
  • 4. Check how you can earn money with word ads! And check out the options to see how you can make a living from writing blogs! And be patience, because a blogging business simply requires perseverance and patience.
  • 5. Relax and empty your mind, or listen to a podcast. If you really have writers block, don’t write. First clean your mind, set your goal and your plans and than GO.
Before you take action, take action in the right direction, don’t go to fast.

And the last tip! Treat your blog as a business, something that is really your case. Because if you treat your blog as a business, and you’ll try to blog as much as you can. Than you’ll attract the right audience,

oh ya, be open for comments also, comments and critics. If your audience is willing to help you to optimize your blog well than you have at least got that one for completely free!!

My name is Angelo, and i love it to inspire people, and to motivate people to move to the next level of life! These blogs are personal development related and business related. I hope that these blogs will inspire you!

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