Business and skills combined!

Glad that i have you here, and you have probably red my previous blog, There is Power in listening.

Great! Since i have a lot of positive comments on my blog, i’m very motivated by you guys who supported me, to even write mote blogs! Once again, i love to write blogs, personal development related, and business related.

A team! unstoppable teamwork.
Oh how i love team spirit, one motivates another, and we become unstoppable

Once again! i’m gonna blog about a topic, where i already blogged about a long time ago, and that is business and skills combined, it looks a little bit the same as solutions and passions. Business and passions combined

This blog is business related, but can be used for personal development as well, because who doesn’t want to earn with their skills, or master a skill and earn with it online ?

It’s a great opportunity in today’s online world! Using your skills,and getting paid for your skills. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that something that you want ? Let me tell this first to you, getting paid for your talents asks and requires some motivations from your side also. Presenting your skill without passion,is a dead skil. Think hard business and passions combined is genius. But without passion, without a convincing spirit in you, it’s a silent skill.

Here we see two people who are being led by their passion
What if your passion could lead u in directions you only dreamed of ?

So how do we apply this blog in our life?

You use something where you are really good at, in my case it’s blogging, i simply love to write articles. And i can earn with it! Sounds good right? I’m most of the time inspired to write new articles, and not only that somehow i’m blessed with the will and motivation to continue the battle for my dreams! Which i’m not gonna loose because i believe consistently in my goal!

I have a goal, and a mission. Those things will help to make you move forward in your business, whether you have a e-commerce store. Or you are passionate about selling things online, or whatever you are good at, if you have a goal and a misson, than.. you are unstoppable.

If you have the right mindset, and tell your self day by day that youu can do it, and that you are able( positive affirmations). Than i believe that you can manifest anything that you want in your business!

Here we see a man,who shows us that he is strong and motivated!
no matter what you face, if you have a goal and the will! Than your success is already achieved!

More is coming! i red that business in action part 2, had a lot of positive comments, and i’m on my way writing more articles like that!

Once again, i want to ask you today, What is your passion? What is something that you are really good at ? And what skill is there, that you can turn into income! Think about it make small steps, check out what kind of courses do you need to follow, what steps do you need to take, but don’t be scared to do so! Better to express your talent, and turn it into business, Than to keep it silent.

A lot’s of love again! And remember your journey starts today!

My name is Angelo Pieters and i love to inspire people, personal development, and business related! Enjoy reading my comments, and please leave a comment on my blog.

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To your success! I miss bali, that are just details, but it was just a 1 timer

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