Beat the DAY or it will beat you

We are gonna join the winner’s side isn’t it ?

Welcome welcome my wonderful followers, Once again i know for sure that each of you coming here, passing by this blog and reading it have a massive amount of talents, that he or she should release yes!

I’m glad that you are back, and this blog is a perfect start for when you are about to face a difficult day, a day full of challenges or maybe a wonderful day! Again a piece of personal development and coaching!

Welcome in my blog You v.s The Day where we are gonna dive into Beat the Day or its gonna beat you.

Be the water that breaks the fire, be the fire fueled with oil to break the water!

It matters how you start your day and your routine also!

So often i hear that people say about a typical kind of thing, it seems always to be an good excuse to make it a bad day, do you recognize this? this is what i always here in the store where i’m working part time. ”Oh yes it’s Monday,” ”Probably It’s morning so that the reason”. And don’t get me wrong sometimes you can simply have a bad day. But how it’s all about beating the day and how you do that. and maybe i can give u a few tips and Tricks, in how to do that.

The day’ll beat you if you don’t beat the day

~Digital nomad on fire

The start of your day and your thoughts.

So we wake up, and the first thing what happens, is the machine goes on, and for you i hope that the machine called ”thoughts” brings you some good things. But in most cases we just mess it up in our brains.

We tell ourselves ”oh no another day it’s gonna be this and that” and we add all kind of words to our day, than….when we so strong believe in it it’s gonna happen. Done… The day just won, ”haha! You are stressed i have you” So what to do next ? Words+affirmations+apply=VICTORY

The words you proclaim over your day and qualities will become your reality.
This is very true, so my advice would be this, start your day with positive affirmations! Apply and start immediately,and believe me maybe the first time you’ll feel like this, oh no … what am i doing…. i don’t believe this , but in time by repeating this every day, you are gonna live by it, and then you’ll do things that are more aligned with your passions and your dreams.

Believe me i’m also still in the process but i see progress, i still face my battles also but i’m fighting and not giving up and keeping my feet on the ground!

So… Step out of your comfort zone, or your standard thinking zone and affirm with me

  • I’m capable
  • I can achieve more than i think right now.
  • I am unique and i can turn my passions into power
  • Nothing and nobody can stop me from achieving my goals
  • I’m already there, and i got this!
  • I am Good enough, I am loved, I am wanted
  • I am worth of this life, and i can rule the day
  • I am victorious and my dreams will become reality
  • I am who i am, and i am talented to do where i’m good in and even more!
All the ”I am’s” have you already added one of them to your life?

So !! Let me know how does that feel? How does that feel to do this for the very first time to do this. Maybe it felt comfortable, maybe you are slowly accepting these words. Or it is your first time doing these positive affirmations because words are powerful.

What you affirm over yourself will become your reality, And that is sometimes a heart opening mind blowing thing to realise. Sometime’s it brings you to the question, like, Am i living the life that i wan’t to live ? Am i really living in my value? Am i already ”Shining in my value”. Maybe not well… If not.. Maybe it’s time to make a first step forward. And to make it happen, easier said that done. But it requires practise, just like i am doing i blog, ”entrepreurning” here and there online, researching and taking steps. Beside’s that to earn a living i have a part time job, But that part time job gives me the opportunity to meet people who are swimming towards the same direction as i do!

Please ^^ Sharing is caring , so if you can brighten someone’s day just do it! And who knows? It brings you to the next step!

To share is to care! If you can brighten one persons day, it becomes a circle!

Maybe you know someone is a kind of uncertain, someone who is struggling through life, and they can’t find their way through the mess. Than if you have the power and the possibilities within you, stretch out that helping hand. And maybe you can affirm this with somebody together, Or you write this on a piece of paper and you pass it on to someone who need’s it.

And when somebody is like, ”Uhm hey…. what are we doing here”. than you explain them we are doing positive affirmations here..

If you start to apply this in your life, many things will slowly change, and the negatif mindset that you have, or the limiting mindset, will slowly fade away, so you can reach your goals even more fast than you expected!

Break free from that typical standard mindset, or a negative mindset! Break It today!

Lot’s of love again, My name is Angelo i love to motivate people and to inspire them and help them, reach out if you need a helping hand! Email me let me know where you need some help with, and i’ll try to do my best to be a listening ear, or a person that can give u some good life advice! I’m also still on the road to success, so also i face obstacles and i learn from them, we are work in progress, so there is nobody who is perfect. We all have our own issues, and working together can help to fix those issues. When i’m available i hope to share some light with you.

Or you can just read my blogs and be satisfied with that one

Lot’s of love from my side, and remember your journey starts today!

Love who you are, love your skills ,love how you are meant to be,

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