There is a rainbow over there!

Welcome back i haven’t been here for almost 3 days, my sorry! i commit myself to write a blog every day, but my circumstances wouldn’t let me.

Here i am again! You probably read my article face your inner obstacle, again we go into deeper things when it comes all down to your self esteem.

Mind your own process and don’t be to hard for yourself

Once again an article that has everything to do with business and self development, people who are working on their self esteem or maybe searching for the right opportunity in life, or for those who are still finding the way to their full potential!

The grass is not greener at the other side of the rainbow

~ Digital nomad on fire

This blog, is also for those who think that at the other side of the grass its always greener( somebody else’s life looks always better), You see someone who is rich has more money, or someone who has more cars, or has everything you want.

It looks so wonderful isn’t it ?

But the problem is you dont know his or her story, you dont know how many nights somebody cried or how hard somebody struggled to get to the place in their life where they are now.

I l live in the Netherlands by example, and i see people sometimes in beautiful business clothes like that, it looks like they have absolutely made it, and you are maybe thinking in your mind why not me, why do i have to work so hard and they are making pictures on the shores if Miami or Ibiza or i dont know where…. But who knows what is happening behind closed doors? Nobody knows! And that’s exactly what is so deceiving the appearance of people, one time you see them and they have everything, and the other time you see them and they have nothing.

The small boat you see, can be your cruise ship tomorrow

By example you see me in indonesia, but 100% transparency that doesn’t happen by just sitting on the bench with my lazy ass and doing nothing. It requires hard work, and hark work even online really has great results!

Don’t torture your own mind by thinking that the other side is always better and mind your own story, you have a goal in life a specific task you want to complete, you want to make that journey, you want that one career. And you should absolutely go for it, but give it time please.

The same thing is with this wonderful inspiration source tony robins, you see that he is so rich, he is living the life, but you ever heared his story and how it all began ?

I listened to podcasts of dean graziosi and a lot of his podcasts really inspire me but have you ever heared his testimony, and know that he ever just lived in a small house and started all from scratch ?

So with this small encouragement i really hope that you are minding your own process and that you are being happy with the small steps you make, and that my dear is success, when you can be happy over small results, how good will it be if you have big results ? if you even can appreciate the smallest thing.

You have a unique ability and wow you are good at it!

You are designed, created, or whatever you believe, you are meant for so much more. As i have written in other blogs, u have a unique talent inside of you i am sure! There is something there which haven’t showed the world yet but it’s absolutely your passion, it’s something that you love to do! Something in you that adds more value to you than you are adding now. I know for sure, but it’s up to you to face it. But please face it, and use it to make this world or your world a better place, because a better world starts with you.

A short blog to trigger your mind and realise again ”The grass is not greener at the other side, mind your own story and make the best of it”, and never forget in the end, it is you who is in charge, you decide the next chapter of your own book!

Don’t worry you’ll get there give it some time!

Remember your journey starts today!

My name is Angelo, and i simply love it to motivate people and to help people in their personal life to experience their full potential, or provide whatever they need to be successful!

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