Walk By that Added Value

Great!, You probably red my previous blog which is pretty awesome. Let’s take a step and set the course. We are going to take a step into our “boat” and really set a course.

Set the Course, and Put it into Practice

Apply what you learn

Apply what you learn, be the captain of your “boat” and GO. Set a pace that’s nice for you. Take one step at a time.

But it’s defenitly time to apply some things. Take some time, start with the people who are in your “real life friendlist”

Who are in desperate need of your help? And what talent do you have that can be the perfect solution. One thing i like to apply very often is to make other people laugh.

As long as i ever can, I want to live by these words!

And be their Up lifting presence if they feel depressed or sad or whatever. Stretching out that helping hand. Because I can see value in helping other people. So what do you like to apply today?

Put it into practice yes! But be Real.

Maybe you want to apply this in networking for your business, or in your relationships with people. Whatever you are gonna apply be real, because eventually people are gonna see it if you are real with them or if you are just faking it. While you are on your journey applying things, and putting it into practice, please …

Apply and Put into practice! Keep Climbing and don’t give up, you are on the ladder of success

Don’t shove your talents under the table again. Don’t be discouraged when that compliment doesn’t work out the way you planned. Don’t worry, enough other options that’ll work out. Think in solutions, and start again! But never shove your talents under the table, don’t do that.

Be the detective in every situation that you are allowed to be that detective, let’s actually say a problem solver. Because then things become very interesting, and who knows! Who knows what this’ll bring you, a new opportunity? A new contact? A new business partner? A new Client? Someone who can help u? Expect the Unexpected.

As long as you keep searching for solutions! You’ll find a place to create new value!

Lot’s of Love again 😉 I love to see you becoming a BIG Success Story.

My name is Angelo, and i love to inspire people!

Remember Your Journey Starts Today.

Why waiting ? While today is full of new chances, Be of great influence today!

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