~ Clean your Path of the nay Sayers

So Hello again, This new blog is all gonna be about, Clean your path of the Nay Sayers. Serious Serious Serious! Do this as fast as you can. Clean your Path of people who come up with the following terms:

  • You can’t do that it is so not your talent
  • You’ll never experience the breakthrough in your life
  • You’ll always lead this silly poor life
  • You are such a sad figure
  • You are not brave enough to lead a company,(or fill in whatever dream u have)
  • You are a no Brainer
  • You have to much imagination
Bad words! Add no Value to Your/Another’s Path To Success

Words are not solving everything, but Words can become so powerful that you start believing in them and live by them. So please Detox your path if you have one of these Nay Sayers in your ”Real Life Friend list”. Because if you keep these kind of people in your Real Life Friend list, how are you ever gonna be motivated to run to your Success? Tell me how… I see absolutely a no go there. It drains any kind of energy that you need for the run.

There is a bunch of people in the world, and people said first to them no you are never gonna make it, and just dropped all there negativity on everything that they are doing. And who is laughing now actually? who is at the top of the mountain? Exactly the people who persevered, the people who kept strong, and deleted the nay Sayers on their Real time Friend List!

Sometime’s i’m reading stories about people who started from Zero To Hero, People who had absolutely nothing, And are now living the lifestyle that they want to live. So amazing to be inspired, and to see that there are a bunch of options out there in the world. And also that it is possible for people who started from Zero, to become a Hero.

I love to add value toh people !, Lots of love from my side, Don’t let anybody stop you from achieving your goals.

Lot’s of love again đŸ˜‰ Your journey starts today !


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